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Governor Markell

Governor Markell, this article is written just for you.  It’s about those pesky priority schools up in Wilmington that serve as a thorn in your side.  I’m guessing you thought the Christina and Red Clay districts would roll over and play dead concerning your labeling of these schools as a failure.  And they would give you whatever you wanted.  Or you knew there would be resistance, and you have planned accordingly in regards to that.

Yesterday, the Delaware internet saw Penny Schwinn’s presentation to the DOE about the priority schools.  It was very insulting to those districts.  This isn’t the first time Mrs. Schwinn has shamed parts of Wilmington.  Just listen to the August Board of Ed meeting and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Your desire to please the US DOE and President Obama has resulted in more changes to education than this state has seen in a long time.  And they aren’t good changes.  You have insulted the integrity of education with your love for Common Core, charter schools, Rodel, The Vision Network, and Arne Duncan.  The collateral damage is in effect now, and low-income students, special needs students, educators, administrators, school boards, and parents bear the brunt of your executive decisions.

But there is a bright spot on the horizon.  You can’t see it yet, but it’s coming.  I’ll let you ponder on that for the next day, week, month or however long it takes.  In the meantime, if you haven’t read it yet, I strongly encourage you to read Mike Matthews editorial in today’s News Journal:

Mr. Matthews is a brilliant educator, and a kind and compassionate person.  He speaks from the heart, as much of your opposition does.  That’s the one thing you won’t ever be able to take away from people in Delaware who know what you are up to.  Which is why the education game in Delaware will not be won by you or those you serve.  Greed and ambition are traits that will come back to bite those who serve this agenda.  It’s not about the students, and people are opening their eyes to this.  In the coming weeks, more eyes will open.  This race to the top has put you on top, as well as the DOE, and all those who have profited from President Obama’s long-term blunder.  The wind is changing Governor Markell, and I can’t wait for the people of Delaware to take back education.

I lost any respect I may have had for you (and it wasn’t a lot), when you vigorously went after the Christina and Red Clay priority schools with loathing and dictatorship at the recent Vision conference.  Many felt the same way.  You are losing the smooth edge you have utilized throughout all this, and I think the people are starting to see your Achilles Heel.  Are you?

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  1. Jack lacks self control. Also, he’s narcissistic, thin skinned, and has a very fragile ego.

    All recipes for bullying and disastrous policy execution for an executive.

    Very glad he’s a lame duck now.

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