Which States In The USA Will Get Waivers Up Until 2018-2019?

Arne Duncan

Waiver.  Anyone who is against the corporate education reform hates this word.  I loathe it.  For all the good it could have done, it has instead been a symbol of the worst from the No Child Left Behind Act.  Certain states have received a lot of money and rewards for succumbing to the Arne Duncan machine.  The latest set of waivers, set to expire in the 2018-2019 academic year, are strongly tied to teacher evaluations.

Most states will be able to apply by late March, but seven states will be able to apply now because they have done such an awesome job screwing teachers over with the federally “suggested” evaluation program.  The states also have to show how they are doing in identifying “low performing” schools and how they are closing the achievement gaps for minorities, low-income, and students with disabilities.  Because making one size fit all when you are putting a circle in a square always works!  And we all know states would never identify these schools to fit their own purposes.