Delaware State Board of Education Is Having A Pizza Party For All The District & Charter Bigwigs! Open To The Public!

Delaware DOE

If you live in Dover, I would highly recommend not going to Grotto’s Pizza between 5 to 8:30pm on Monday.  A lot of important education people will be convening on the establishment for a meeting about the Next Generation Science Standards.  With that many powerful people going there after a school day when kids had been off for Thanksgiving break, expect a lot of food and spirits being ordered!

I’m curious who the “stakeholders” are.  Cause I’m pretty sure parents are the most important stakeholders and I don’t recall seeing a public invite to their pizza party!  Didn’t the DOE have all those town hall meetings in November to increase parent participation?  But when it comes to determining curriculum for the students of Delaware, the parents are completely shut out of the process.

Updated: Commenter Dee has advised this is indeed open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.  Does this mean free pizza for Delaware? Not sure on that one.  The flyer does say light refreshments.  So that depends on your perspective.  For myself, pizza is a light refreshment! I have updated the title as well.  Thanks Dee!

Delaware Department of Education is trying to intimidate parents who support opting-out state testing

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

I don’t care what they say. Unless they say legally “Your son must take the Smarter Balanced Assessment”, then he will never take it. All parents in Delaware should do the same. If you live in Capital School District, their board already voted on not penalizing students for opting out of the test. The DE DOE and Mark Murphy are hardly folks parents should trust in telling you what’s right and wrong for your child.