The DE State Board of Ed’s Reaction to my Speech yesterday!



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One of my favorite lines in Hamlet is “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark.”  Replace Denmark with Delaware, and you will understand why Race To The Top had clear winners and losers.

The Winners: Governor Markell, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, this Board of Education, The Delaware Department of Education, Dr. Paul Herdman, Rodel, The Delaware Charter School Network, Delaware Community Foundation, Amplify, Innovative Schools, Teach For America, Relay Graduate School, Delaware Charter Schools, Hedge Fund Investors And Managers, and many more.

The Losers: Public school districts, educators within those districts with the exception of the anointed one picked by Rodel, school boards in public school districts, special needs students, priority schools, Gateway Lab School, minorities shuffled around Wilmington, taxpayers, parents, and every single student in Delaware forced to drink the Common Core Kool-Aid.

There will be an accounting for all the manipulation and fraud in this state for every single piece of education reform and discrimination resulting in triple segregation for some students.  This will not go away.  Many will make sure of it.  You have a chance to stop all of this now.  Accountability starts now, with this Department of Education.

John Young said it best at the Christina School Board meeting in September: “You want to know who needs great leaders?  The Delaware DOE needs great leaders.”  Thank you.

This was followed by Mike Matthews public comment where he thanked the board for letting him speak.  He advised the board he was at the Red Clay board meeting the night before where all members of the board were present, and not like the four state board members that showed up for their meeting.  He also advised publicly that he was submitting a Freedom Of Information Request for any email going out of the DOE for the past 18 months in regards to the priority schools or any mention of the six schools in emails along with the words priority school or turnaround school.  I advised him later to add the word partnership zone as well.  Mike Matthews concluded by stating what the DOE is doing is essentially declaring war on public schools.