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But this is less Common Core time JY!

Delaware DOE Website Gets New Look, But Is It More User-Friendly? @KilroysDelaware @ed_in_de @RCEAPrez @Apl_Jax @ecpaige @nannyfat @TNJ_malbright #netde #eduDE #Delaware

Delaware DOE

I was looking for some information, and I noticed the Delaware DOE redesigned their website.  In searching for information before, it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack to get certain reports.  I have to say, the new look works better for me.  There are more options with certain departments, and it appears they had a massive turnaround on the old website.

I still can’t find reports that have the words 148thsenate or things like that in the pdf address, like the one I found last month in regards to 1/2 the teachers getting fired in a priority school.  That reminds me….

Just because they have a new website doesn’t mean they are doing better things.  They are just making information easier to find.  They’re still the same common core standardized testing think they know how to fix schools Rodel and charter loving group they’ve always been.  Take a look:


I think they just wanted to make it easier for us education bloggers so we can write more articles faster about them!

Can we all just listen to @pasi_sahlberg?! An overview of his @NJEA Convention keynote speech


I would love to see Pasi Sahlberg and Governor Markell go at it in a debate about education. Pasi would destroy any credibility Markell has left. How can we make this happen?

Just One Question


Those In Favor

shutterstock_27866770What do you want your public schools to be?

We know public school student achievement isn’t what it should be or could be in Delaware.  We know about the rising influence of charter schools.  But what do we know about making changes to our public schools to improve student achievement?  What should we emphasize?  What should we keep, what should we remove, what should we start doing?  What do you want your public schools to be?

Tonight was the first public workshop for the Christina School District on the subject of an operating referendum (a special election held to approve tax increases to bring in more funding for the schools),  Expect to hear more about it at the upcoming Board of Education public meeting on November 18th.  There was great discussion from members of the District administration, Board of Education, and the Citizens Budget Oversight Committee.  In brief we know…

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