Governor Markell’s Budget Increase For Education Slashed In Half By Legislators

Delaware DOE, Governor Markell

The legislators know Race To The Top is kaput.  So why keep existing programs?  This was their response according to Jonathan Starkey with the Delaware News Journal.  Out of the $7.5 million extra Governor Markell put in the budget, only $3.75 million is left.  So what got the axe?  10 high-paid positions at the DOE.  Less funding for data analysis, recruitment costs, and teacher prep initiatives.  While I hate to see anyone lose their job, the Delaware Department of Education has become a bloated beast in the past seven years.  While I would like to see the whole $7.5 million cut, the Joint Finance Committee put a major dent in the DOE’s plans.

Yesterday, on the agenda for the State Board of Education, six new positions in the Department’s Office of Assessment were proposed for data analysis.  One would assume this is to measure and collect data from the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Here is an effective cost-cutting proposal: opt-out!  Less data, less spending to “data-dive” and find “root cause analysis”.

I’m not sure how this came about, but the other $3.75 million went through to fund teacher prep programs (I guess these are different than the ones they cut?), a student “data portal” for teachers (Big Brother doing his thing), and more funding for the upcoming new science curriculums (funded by many and the scariest of all the education reforms).

This was my favorite quote from the article:

Rep. Joe Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley, said it was “refreshing” to see the 10 positions in the Department of Education eliminated from the budget, but called the remaining funding “extraordinary” and unnecessary.

Please note Markell’s proposed budget didn’t have funding going directly to help schools that are cash poor based on cuts from the last recession that were never restored and pay through the nose for “consultants”, Common Core, and the technology needed to administer the dismal Smarter Balanced Assessment.  God knows our schools need more special education funding.  Christina School District is trying to save jobs and resources while Jack Markell wants to give out more ridiculous salaries to inexperienced DOE employees who would rather play Human Capital than human compassion.

6 thoughts on “Governor Markell’s Budget Increase For Education Slashed In Half By Legislators

  1. I’ve read and considered that $7.5 million proposal and the entire $7.5 m package should be rejected as not effective and/or beneficial. No part of expanding DeDOE (especially under the guise of continuing ill-founded RTTT initiatives) will get my support. I arrived at that decision after much thoughtful consideration and many dialogues and cannot fathom the 6 votes for it. Extremely disappointing behavior by JFC in a bitterly tight economic situation.
    Representative John Kowalko

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  2. I would have to agree with ericgustafson2015 Murphy is a freakin GYM TEACHER!!! He does not belong at the helm of the Dept of Education. And Smarter Balanced is a joke. My grandchildren have been mentally fried because of all of the god damn testing over the past several weeks. SBAC, Performance Plus and evidently they still take some DCAS tests. It is ridiculous.


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