Marc Tucker: Time for the Civil Rights Community to Rethink Its Support for Annual Testing


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In this brilliant article, Marc Tucker explains why the civil rights community is making an error by supporting annual testing as a “civil right.” He knows their leaders believe that poor and minority children will be overlooked in the absence of annual testing. But he demonstrates persuasively that annual testing has done nothing to improve the academic outcomes of poor and minority children and that they have actually been harmed by the pressure to raise scores every year.

Tucker writes:

First of all, the data show that, although the performance of poor and minority students improved after passage of the No Child Left Behind Act, it was actually improving at a faster rate before the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act. Over the 15-year history of the No Child Left Behind Act, there is no data to show that it contributed to improved student performance for poor and…

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The untold courage of Beau Biden now revealed


Delaware Mourns For Beau Biden Today

Beau Biden

Beau Biden, the former Attorney General of Delaware, died yesterday.  The son of Vice-President Joe Biden, Beau had brain cancer.  I’m sure the family didn’t come right out and say this because they knew the outcome wasn’t favorable.  And I’m sure they wanted their privacy.

As I saw the news break last night, I felt a very particular sadness.  All who lived in Delaware did.  This was a man who, instead of reaching out for personal glory, stuck with a job to put away Dr. Bradley who destroyed so many lives.   Beau taught us all that taking the easy road isn’t always the best road.

Today, hold on to your families a little bit tighter.  Tell your children how much you love them.  Call those loved ones who you don’t always keep in touch with and say hello.  First and foremost, Beau was a family man first.  He would want that.

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