Academy of Dover, Freire, DE Design Lab, & Prestige Academy Get Their Initial Formal Review Meeting Reports

Delaware Charter Schools

What do these Delaware Charter Schools have in common: Academy of Dover, Freire Charter School of Wilmington, Prestige Academy and Delaware Design Lab High School?  Not only are they all under formal review, but the Charter School Accountability Committee came out with their initial reports in the last hour!

We start the show with Academy of Dover.  Having attended this meeting, it is missing some crucial moments, but that’s okay.  I’m sure it will all come out in the wash!

Next up is Freire Charter School of Wilmington.  Not even opened yet, and they are already up for formal review.  But they do have a get out of jail free card if they decide to use it….

Prestige Academy sure does have a lot going against it right now.  Academic and enrollment are not good reasons to have a formal review placed on your school!

Last, but not least, is Delaware Design Lab High School.  They already received a new lease on life last year with a modification to reduce their enrollment.  They can only use this trick once.  Will they get their enrollment up?

It’s very sad when 18% of the charter schools in the state are under a formal review.  Actually, make that 23% if Red Clay puts the formal review screws on Delaware College Prep.  The final reports, after public hearings tomorrow and Wednesday will be issued two days after the final committee meetings on June 5th.

Charter School of Wilmington Story And Reminders

Charter School of Wilmington

This story has generated a lot of heat and controversy.  There are folks who think the student was wrong, others think the school was wrong, and many are right in the middle weighing the pros and cons of both sides.  I’m seeing this on social media being discussed, as well as in comments on the post.  Just a friendly reminder to keep it civil, no outing anyone anonymously posting (even if you know who they are), and recognize everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I’m just surprised I haven’t seen anyone ask the biggest question of all with this.  We shall see if that happens, and no, I’m not giving it away!