Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 20


In Part 20, Penny lawyers up!  Oh, that’s right, they don’t even have the Memorandum of Understanding yet.  The announcement is four weeks away, and they haven’t even started on the most important part yet.  Even though they have known for at least five months.  To all reading this, remember, this was part of a FOIA.  A FOIA is public information once it is released.



Unfortunately, I can’t help what the DOE redacted in these emails, which looks like NOTHING!!!!  Probably because Alan Jackson doesn’t make an appearance…  This one is very important though.  It shows Penny negotiating with EducationCounsel LLC and L.B. Stanton Consulting LLC to get an MOU going.

At this point, after 20 parts, notice the absolute and glaring fact: the DOE knows which schools are going to become the new Priority Schools, and they have yet to mention them even once in the twenty articles I’ve published on this, and even more emails.  Not once.  What does not naming these schools in emails do for them?  Does it protect them somehow in a legal way?

Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 19


This is the start of the cover-up with essential partners in the state.  You know, school superintendents and their assistant superintendents and other state agencies and groups associated with Delaware.




“DDOE will be identifying the Priority Schools in August with announcement in early September.”  By my estimation, they knew since at least March of 2014 based on the conversation with then Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn, because no matter which of the two formulas they used, it came up with the same schools.  The DOE knows the announcement is only four weeks away, so they are starting to slowly release the information.  And I’m sure at this point nearly every superintendent in the state is going “Please, don’t let it be my district.”  And poor Dan Weinles is most likely thinking “they’re coming after Christina.”

Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 18


It’s back, the FOIA that keeps on giving and giving.  In Part 18, we return to the misadventures of the Delaware DOE and their priority school scheme.  Making a return appearance is Dan Weinles from the Christina School District who has some questions.  The reason for the questions is coming in another article….




Add in Dan’s list of questions

Susan, Susan, Susan… “I know we don’t want to name the schools to him so this is a fine line.”  This would be exactly four weeks before the announcement that shook Delaware educators across the state.  The DOE is admitting, with this email, they were purposely holding back on releasing any information to anyone who could do something about it.

Penny, Penny, Penny… your arrogance is starting to shine.  “Frankly, they don’t need to know what percentile of growth they fall in right now, though they could figure it out with the public data set.”  Here we have an employee of the state, Dan Weinles with the Christina School District, trying to figure stuff out.  And Schwinn dismisses him like a fly on the windscreen with her comment to Haberstroh.  “What I don’t want (in my perspective) is to get in a back-and-forth with Christina about the methodology to give them time to campaign against Turnaround before it’s even started.”  Why would that be Penny?  You wouldn’t want to be straight up and honest with a school district?  You are a new employee at the DOE at this point, there only a couple months.  Yet you judge Christina harshly and don’t give a crap about anything but your mission.  I can see how you’ve earned your rep in this state.

Charter School of Wilmington Ignoring Or Saying No To Opt Out Requests

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

Now the Charter School of Wilmington is taking a stand against parents and their rights by not allowing opt-out.  I’ve advised both parents I heard this from to ignore them and do what they feel is best for their child.  One parent sent a letter and never received a response while another was told no.  Yes Governor Markell, by all means, please create a hostile environment in Delaware schools.  Please make it so children feel forced to take a test neither themselves or their parents want to take.  It’s all about the students…yeah right…

When you leave office in 2016 (or sooner- please make that happen), can you please take all your corporate education reform friends with you?  All those lobbyists, non-profits and charter leaders who think high-stakes tests are good for children and the proficiency march to Bhutan must continue?  All those who think parents are just a bug to be stepped on?  Please, make it so!