New Faces Enter The Mix For Delaware Secretary Of Education & A Message For John Carney

Delaware Secretary of Education, Governor Carney

Who will be the Delaware Secretary of Education under Governor John Carney?  My moles and sources have given me new names in the hunt for the Education Czar of Delaware.  One of them I really, really like!

I wondered what happened with the former Executive Director of the Delaware Association of School Administrators.  Kevin Carson, according to sources, is being considered for the Secretary of Education post.  Other names I’ve been hearing consistently are Colonial Superintendent Dusty Blakey, Indian River Superintendent Susan Bunting, and another new name: Red Clay Superintendent Merv Daugherty.  There is always the possibility of Christina Acting Superintendent Bob Andrzejewski getting the slot as well.

Since the Indian River audit investigation came out a couple of weeks ago, I believe Bunting’s light may have dimmed a bit in Delaware.  That could have very likely thrown her out of the mix.  But the others I could easily see taking the top spot.  Many have mentioned Mark Holodick from Brandywine, but from what I hear he has his vision set on another post in Delaware education down the road.  A name I haven’t heard but could easily see getting the nod is Appoquinimink Superintendent Matt Burrows.  But he is also very young in a growing district.  Appo needs him as much as he needs Appo right now.

Another important position exists that I haven’t heard too much about.  That of Education Policy Advisor for Governor Carney.  Earlier this year I posted that State Board of Education Executive Director Donna Johnson really wanted this job.  But she comes with controversy which I’m fairly sure Carney wants to get away from.  Especially since the State Board of Education was put under Sunset Review by the Joint Sunset Committee in the General Assembly last year.  I can’t picture Governor Markell’s current advisor, Meghan Wallace, sticking around.  Not that she isn’t a good person for the job, but I believe she will sail on to greener pastures.  I could picture half a dozen DOE staffers taking the job.  As long as it isn’t someone with Rodelian qualities.

For the Secretary slot, I would love Kevin Carson to get the job.  As the head of DASA, I saw him as a very sensible person who wasn’t afraid to speak out against many of the DOE and Markell’s education policies and bad education legislation.  He has the support of many teachers and administrators.  He would be an excellent choice and I would bat for him.

We will find out in the next month and a half.  Secretary Godowsky is done as he has openly admitted in public.  I believe he was only brought in to finish up the rest of Jack Markell’s term.

As for the Delaware DOE, will Carney make big changes there?  Most of the Race to the Top crew has left the building: Penny Schwinn, Ryan Reyna, Atnre Alleyne, and Christopher Ruszkowski.  There is one big name still at the DOE from the RTTT years: Michael Watson.  He has become the new guy to throw darts at in the Townsend Building.  Apparently, many DOE staffers aren’t too fond of the Instructional/Accountability guru either.

Once again, I am publicly requesting a one-on-one meeting with John Carney.  We need to talk John.  There are things you may not be aware of as well as several ideas I have that can help Delaware education as well as our state budget.  My door is open.  And while I appreciate that you are a very busy man with people knocking on your door constantly, this is a conversation we really need to have.  I cannot stress that enough.  Yes, Jack Markell and I had no relationship whatsoever.  We met a handful of times but never got into the meat of my issues.  I jumped into all this 2/3rds of the way through Jack’s reign.  But you and I, John, we can have a fresh start.  We can have a back-and-forth dialogue that is productive.  I’m not saying we will always agree, but I believe you are a good man at heart.  Yes, I publicly supported the Libertarian candidate for Governor.  I also bashed your education policy and took some serious potshots at the document.  But don’t let those be deal-breakers in talking with me.  I’m not going to keep begging through your front-men.  If you want to talk, please get in touch with me as soon as possible.  Value is what you make of it.  I’ll let the people guess what you might do!

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