A Rookie State Senator Might Get A Spot On The Joint Finance Committee

Delaware Joint Finance Committee

Sources around Legislative Hall are speaking loudly about a very unusual committee assignment in the Delaware Senate.  It appears to be a sure thing that a rookie Delaware State Senator will get a spot on the Joint Finance Committee.

While some think this is a most excellent idea others are fuming.  While I won’t name the Senator just yet, I can say they are a Democrat.  With a spot on JFC, this also gives a Senator or State Representative more money.  Almost $10,000 extra a year.  While the average salary for a State Rep. or Senator is around $45,000 a year, that is a big percentage more to be on JFC.  But I will say the bump is necessary because they do spend most of February and other weeks in hearings to help determine the final state budget for the next fiscal year.

A spot on JFC is something many legislators covet.  While the salary bump is nice, many legislators do not rely on their General Assembly salary as their primary income.  It is, however, a very powerful position.  This is where all the financial decisions for the entire state budget are made.  A voice on this committee is huge!  Most members of JFC earn it over the years so for a seat to be given to a rookie is extremely rare.

Mystery Solved! Results Of “Who Shot The Blogger (With A Super Soaker)” Revealed!

Who Shot The Blogger 2018

You may think you know who shot me with a Super Soaker, but you might be surprised.  After a week of voting, the results are in on the most ridiculous whodunit of the year!  These are folks who I’ve written about this year and years past.  One shocking “suspect” received NO votes.  None.  This is all in the spirit of fun and is not meant to offend anyone.

Who Shot The Blogger (With A Super Soaker)? The 2018 Edition

Who Shot The Blogger 2018

About six months after I started this blog, I ran a Who Shot The Blogger series.  After listening 32 different suspects, I let the readers vote on whodunit.  By using brackets, it came down to Governor Jack Markell vs. Penny Schwinn, the Priority Schools Diva.  The Governor won!  For this round, I’m going to try something a little different and much easier.  I will be running a poll with ALL the suspects but I won’t show the results until the round is over.  I’m cutting it down to sixteen.  This is ALL in fun!  When I did this back in 2014/2015, one of the suspects was upset she was on a list of murder suspects.  So let’s just say the weapon of choice in this “Who Shot The Blogger” contest will be a Super Soaker.  And because I am running it in a poll, that should prevent the “suspects” from showing up in a Google search.

These are folks I’ve called out on my blog over the years.

When the seven-day voting period ends, we will be down to 8, then 4, then the final countdown between the two most popular suspects.  Let the fun begin!

How Long Have Members Of The Delaware General Assembly Been Around? Should There Be Term Limits?

Delaware General Assembly

Term limits.  We hear these words so often but the ones to decide would be the ones that would lose out the most from them.  Some call them politicians or legislators.  But they are the Delaware General Assembly.  How long have these folks been making laws in Dover?  Some of them are lifers.  Some are relatively new (past ten years).  Should we have term limits in Dover?  If so, how long should they be?  Since the Senate serves four years how many terms are too many?  The House has a two-year election cycle.  How many terms should they get?  Or do you think the people vote for a reason and term limits don’t bother you?  Take the poll and see how long some of these cats have prowled the halls!  I put the ones first voted into office last century in bold.

Should Teachers Be Able To Arm Themselves In Schools? Take The Poll & Discuss!

Armed Teachers

In the wake of the very tragic Florida school shooting, the pros and cons of teachers arming themselves in schools is coming up in a big way on social media.  I am very curious as to your thoughts on this.  Please take the poll and feel free to leave your thoughts.  I would just ask that you be respectful to both sides in your comments.

What Will The Budget Deficit In Delaware Be On June 30th, 2018?

Delaware Budget Deficit

Too soon?  It’s never too soon to start thinking about Delaware’s Fiscal Year 2019!

Poll: Do You Think The Settlement Between The Charter Schools and Christina School District Was Fair?

Charters Vs. Christina & Delaware DOE

Last December, the 15 Delaware charter schools and the Christina School District settled in a lawsuit over local funding from Christina to the charters.  The district agreed to pay that portion of their local funding (even though the Delaware DOE colossally screwed up) going forward and both the DOE and Christina had to pay the charters attorney fees.  As well, wording in the settlement around special education funding indicated there could be a change in the air with those payments.  As well, the match tax was brought up in the settlement (but not decided on) and whether charters should get a portion of that.  Almost six months later, I am curious if you agree or not whether this was a fair settlement.

New Faces Enter The Mix For Delaware Secretary Of Education & A Message For John Carney

Delaware Secretary of Education, Governor Carney

Who will be the Delaware Secretary of Education under Governor John Carney?  My moles and sources have given me new names in the hunt for the Education Czar of Delaware.  One of them I really, really like!

Which Songs Best Describe Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s Education Policies?

Governor Markell

Delaware Governor Jack Markell loves education. He loves it so much he vetoes bills that go against parental rights, makes sure teachers are evaluated on faulty data, and loves high-stakes tests. He also loves money! And the money pouring out of his state into Education Inc.’s grabby little hands is very transparent! Out of the songs in this poll, which songs do you think best exemplifies Jack Markell’s education policies and agendas? For this special poll, I am allowing up to four answers, so you can pick four songs!

The Best Ballad Between 1979-1987: Which Is Your Favorite?

Best Ballad

In a time before Mike Matthews entered the world, when Jack Markell was just getting his groove, and there were only three movies considered to be Star Wars movies, I discovered music.  I listened to music before that, but never “my” music.  I count 1979 as the start of this era, because it was when I bought my first 45.  The youth of today call this an mp3 or itune.  But back then, for about 99 cents, you could buy this vinyl record.  The first one I got is on this list back in 1979.  If you grew up back then, you probably know which one it was based on the timeline of the different songs.  Or very close to it.

Back in those days, I was really into ballads.  I got into a conversation about these ballads with a friend of mine and he offered what he thought was the definitive and best ballad of the 80s.  I disagreed, thus this poll (at his suggestion).  Now he wanted me to just put his song up against four others.  Sorry bud, but this blogger was faced with an impossible choice.  If you’ve never heard any of these songs, then you didn’t grow up during a time when music was on both AM and FM radio, when the cassingle first came out, and things like roller skating and Space Invaders were replaced by the Commodore 64 and Jolt.  Which is your favorite?

I’m going to follow-up over the next 24 hours with other polls about music and movies.  What the heck.  It’s the 4th of July weekend.  It can’t all be gloom and doom.  You have to have some good stuff once in a while, right Dave?

The WEIC Redistricting Plan: Do You Support It?


Should Criminal Charges Be Filed Against Those Who Watched Amy’s Assault?

Murder Charges, School Expulsion

We see it all the time.  Video footage surfaces of fights, in and out of schools.  They are all over social media.  While this can be used as evidence in a criminal investigation, it also glorifies the actual fighting.  Last week, Amy Joyner-Francis died from blunt force trauma to her head.  While this has not been labeled as the “official cause of death” pending an autopsy, my hunch is it will be.  Several students filmed the fight and watched.  They did not intervene.  Many of them cheered it on and formed a blockade so adults couldn’t get in to the bathroom at Howard High School of Technology.  Many feel they should be charged as well.  While they didn’t commit the act, they also did nothing that could have stopped it.  As well, should schools act on these issues if the justice system does not?  Please take the below poll and feel free to comment on this thread.  There will be many different opinions so let’s keep it civil!  If you vote “Other” please put what punishment or non-punishment you think they should get.

The Big WEIC Redistricting Vote Is This Thursday: Do You Think The State Board of Education Will Pass It?

DE State Board of Education, Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

If you think it won’t pass, please go to the comments to indicate why you think it won’t pass.  If you think they will stall again, do you think that is their game plan or they just don’t know what they are doing?

What If Santa Claus And Governor Markell Had A Fight? Who Would Win?

Governor Markell, Santa Claus


‘Tis the season to be jolly! I was thinking about the proclamation Santa Claus issued last week supporting opt-out, and I wondered what would happen the next time Governor Markell and Santa Claus are in the same room. What would happen? Who would win if they actually got into a fight? Jack probably wasn’t happy about Santa supporting the constitutional and honorable rights parents have to opt their kids out of standardized testing.  Santa was none too happy about the Smarter Balanced Assessment and Jack’s veto of House Bill 50.  If these two got into a brawl, Jack has the weight of an entire state behind him while Santa has an army of reindeer and elves ready to rain hell on little old Delaware.  Look at the pros and cons, and then vote in the poll!

One likes to give tests to kids, the other likes to give presents to kids

One likes to veto good opt-out bills, the other likes to opt-out of vetoes

One lives in the Northern part of the state, the other lives in the Northern part of the world

One rides the coattails of Arne Duncan, the other rides an open sleigh

One ignores parents while they’re awake, the other sees you when you’re sleeping

One has visions of 2025, the other has visions of sugarplums

One wants kids to be college and career ready, the other wants kids to be kids

One spends a lot of money for companies, the other spends time giving joy to the world

One helped Mark Murphy wreck education, the other helped Rudolph join the team

One has a budget deficit, the other has a bowl full of jelly




Should Capital School District Name The Dover H.S. Football Stadium After Dr. Thomas?

Capital School District

I’m hearing from a ton of people the Capital School Board may vote to name the Dover High School football stadium after the recently retired Superintendent Dr. Michael Thomas.  There are a lot of mixed thoughts with this.  Some feel it is way too soon, some say he should definitely receive this honor, and others are saying heck no!  What do you think?