State Board Passes Opt-Out Penalty Against Schools

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The Delaware State Board of Education just passed the Delaware School Success Framework with the opt-out penalty multiplier included.  This is a very sad day in Delaware: for students, parents, schools, educators, and citizens.  I feel sad for all the students who are going to be pressured non-stop to perform well on this test.  I feel sad for the parents who are going to face an enormous amount of pressure against opting out.  I feel sad for Delaware.  This is your legacy Governor Markell.  Shame on you.

The vote passed with four yes votes: Gray, Heffernan, Coverdale, and Rutt.  Bunting abstained.  Melendez and Whitaker were absent.  Can’t blame them, wouldn’t want this vote showing.

This fight has just begun.  The DOE obviously wants a war with parents, and they just got it.

4 thoughts on “State Board Passes Opt-Out Penalty Against Schools

  1. Parents, write your school board members and tell them to stand strong. Write to your legislators and tell them to pass a bill against this regulation. Write to the governor candidates and tell them you want to know their stance on this because it will affect your vote in the fall.
    Ultimately a school’s rating and how YOUR child does in school don’t necessarily correlate, so be strong and keep on fighting.


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