**UPDATED**DOE Has Meeting For Assessment Inventory Committee

Senate Joint Resolution #2 Committee

It turns out there is a Senate Joint Resolution #2 Committee meeting tonight at the Delaware Department of Education in Dover.  When was this announced?  Not a week ago which is required by Delaware law.  As well, who is on the Committee?  We know who the legislators are, but not the rest.  This was announced on the Delaware Public Meeting Calendar on 11/3/15, so I was mistaken about the DOE not giving the required 7 day notice for public meetings, to which I apologized to the DOE in an email this morning.




Delaware DOE’s Shocking Assessment Plans: This Was All Pre-Determined

Delaware DOE

“Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you never know what you’re gonna get.”

This was my thought last night when I found this document.  This is a draft of the Delaware Department of Education’s 5 year assessment plan.  Senate Joint Resolution #2, which provides for an assessment inventory in Delaware, will “reduce the amount of testing” students get in Delaware Schools.  Just not the right ones if the below picture is what ends up happening.  And it will.  This is Delaware.  Where they give the illusion of control to others, but it isn’t…they just steer people into thinking it.  But I’ll bet the fathers of SJR #2, Earl Jaques and David Sokola, know exactly what will happen…



Delaware State Board Gives Up Power To Secretary Godowsky With Regulation 1595

Regulation 1595

I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one.  In a perfect world, both the Delaware Secretary of Education and the State Board of Education would be elected officials.  As it is, we have our school punishing, teacher bashing, reform loving, and parent disrespecter Governor Jack Markell picking all his top education posts.  But when I saw Regulation 1595 on the agenda for the State Board of Education, I was somewhat shocked.

I would love to know what folks think of this regulation and how the State Board is giving up authority over leader certification programs.  I wonder if any well-known and controversial teacher companies may have contributed to this…

But wait, it’s not over yet. I have never seen the below document attached to any regulations…