Lawsuit Accuses Achievement First Charter School of Denying Appropriate Treatment to Students with Disabilities


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A lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of five students at Achievement First Crown Heights, claiming that the charter school did not provide mandated services “and were punished for behavior that arose from their disabilities.”

The lawsuit charged that the students did not get physical therapy and other services for weeks, and that a student with autism “was disciplined for not looking in the direction a teacher instructed or for hiding under his desk.”

Achievement First is a “no-excuses” charter chain with schools in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Its backers include some of the wealthiest supporters of privatization. The families are also suing the New York City Department of Education and the New York State Education Department for permitting Achievement First to avoid its legal responsibilities to the children. One parent said that her autistic son, a third-grader, was sent to a second-grade classroom as punishment…

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Something Is Going To Come Out Soon That Will Change Everything

Delaware Education

I can’t say what it is, or when it will be released.  But you will definitely know about it, and probably the whole country.  This is a BIG thing.  I know and I’m just letting all involved know that I know.  To say I am disgusted beyond words would be the understatement of the century.  The fact that you know and aren’t doing anything about it?  Absolutely deplorable.  You do realize this is going to change the whole landscape in Delaware, don’t you?  You need to stop acting like a deer in the headlights and do something, NOW!  Because if you don’t, I will.  You should have been looking out for those who needed help, not covering your own ass and hoping it would go away.