Is This The Real Reason For Regulation 225?

Regulation 225

A big head’s up to Alby over at Delaware Liberal for tipping me off to a New York Times article from January 10th!  While Delawareans up and down the state have been scratching their heads over Regulation 225, an anti-discrimination measure for trans-gender students, the true motive behind the controversial regulation may have been in front of our eyes the entire time!

But on Tuesday, the school board voted 5 to 2 to pay an $800,000 settlement to Mr. Whitaker instead and to withdraw its petition, according to The Kenosha News.

The Unified District Board of Education settled in a case a former transgender student filed against them.  It had gone through appeals and would have gone as high as the U.S. Supreme Court.  Fearing their legal fees would rise millions of dollars with that kind of case, the district settled the matter.

$800,000.00 is A LOT of money.  For any school district or charter school that would put a serious chunk in their budget.  Did this regulation come about because of that?  It certainly explains a lot.  This regulation would protect schools from any allegations against them in a potential lawsuit.  It would say “we did our due diligence on this and even though it caused a ton of uproar in our state, we got it done!”  Regulation 225 would give them the protection they need!

In an article in the Kenosha News, the Unified School District said:

She said she wants the district to start looking at what it can do “proactively” and, with guidance, go through processes that protect the district from similar actions in the future.

Which is exactly what Regulation 225 would ultimately do.  I would think Secretary Bunting, transgender advocates, and the Delaware Dept. of Education have been watching the Wisconsin case very closely.

The way this state and many of our schools roll out money in special education lawsuits, you would think they would be on top of that.  But I digress.  No school district or charter wants to be hit with a lawsuit of that magnitude.  All the hoopla about parental rights and outcry against this regulation may not mean a thing if this is all an attempt to stop potential lawsuits.  Did this whole thing come about because of money?  I highly doubt the Delaware DOE or Bunting would ever admit that, but it makes sense!


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