The Exceptional Delaware Education Power Broker Top 25 List


Delaware Education.  Two words that will always create some type of debate in The First State.  But who is in charge?  Is anyone?  Who has the most influence?  Who are the ones you would never think are able to dictate education policy?  Some are obvious but others are not.  This list is not a list of the “good guys” per se, but more about power.  These are the folks who can pack a punch whether you realize it or not.  They are the voices that carry the most weight.  As well, I have a list after showing who could hold power in the future and those who lost a bit of their might in Delaware education.

Big Trouble At Gateway Charter! Executive Director Resigns At Board Meeting!

Gateway Lab School

Tim Griffiths, the Executive Director of Gateway Lab School, resigned last Wednesday night at their board meeting.  The Wilmington charter school, which caters to students with disabilities and struggling students, has been up and down in terms of success over the years.

Griffiths’ resignation comes on the heels of their Board President, Nate Schwartz, resigning a few weeks ago.  The school is facing what many charters in New Castle County are going through these days- declining enrollment.  But Gateway is a school that has a particular niche.  Many parents chose Gateway because of that niche.  If enrollment is going down, that means a few things.  Either the districts and other charters are doing a better job with special education or Gateway is struggling in that area.

Because there was not a quorum of the board at their meeting last week, the board will meet this week to officially vote on accepting Griffiths’ resignation letter.

As of today, their board consists of Vice-President and Acting President Jon Fletcher, Treasurer Henry Clampitt, Community Director Geoff Grivner, Community Director Joyce Henderson, Teacher Director Drew Keohane, Parent Director Tina Horgan, and Community Director Kenyatta Austin.

Gateway made major news in Delaware in the Fall of 2014 when their charter renewal was in doubt.  Due to a groundswell of support from parents, legislators, and advocates for students with disabilities, their charter was renewed.  But enrollment was not an issue at that time.

The audio recording from their February 20th board meeting is not on their website as of this writing.