Sounds and Silence of April


Love this blog. I have to get up there one of these years!

Outside Ittoqqortoormiit

April usually is a very good month for seal hunting at the ice edge outside of Ittoqqortoormiit. This year, ice conditions have been different.

There has hardly been any open water to speak of, for a long time. It has basically looked like you can see on these two pictures (taken from the hill behind the hot springs at Kap Tobin) for many weeks.

At the same time, the store has run out for dog food! Luckily, we are able to borrow some from one of our neighbours. So, the dogs will survive until hunting conditions improve, or the store gets new supplies.

Again, I´ve put together a slideshow for you, and this time there are images from the hot spring at Kap Tobin, dog sledding around Kap Swaison (in search for open water) and Kap Tobin, and this years dog sled race! Ingkasi participated, and you can find out how it went for him, at…

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EdTech Envisioning Profits by Jumping into School Marketplace: “Don’t Call It Philanthropy”


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While teachers continue to struggle for a decent middle-income salary, the edtech entrepreneurs are salivating about their success in the ed marketplace. Listen to the audio to hear the sound of happy money-makers.

Some people are getting very rich indeed by investing in technology to replace teachers and to call it “personalization.” When there is no teacher involved, it is “depersonalization.”

Here is the press release.

When Tom Davidson served as a state legislator for a small district in southern Maine two decades ago, he became intimately familiar with the byzantine, bureaucratic, and often, frankly, subpar sausage-making that goes into bankrolling education at a local level. (“There was never a shortage of good ideas, but almost always a shortage of money,” he says.)

So Davidson took his learnings to the private sector and founded EverFi, an education software startup, in 2008. As CEO, Davidson has been rallying some of the…

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