The Gates Foundation Isn’t Even Hiding It Anymore… The Complete Transformation Of Education Brought To You By Billionaires

Gates Foundation


Bill Gates wants a Federal Student Data Tracking System.  That’s right.  He also wants competency-based education, more career pathways programs, and personalized learning to take over public education.  This is the same guy who funded Common Core.  Remember that when you read the document released by the Gates Foundation today.  If I had to guess, now that many education bloggers have exposed all the agendas which will lead to the Bit-Coin inspired Blockchain Initiative, the corporate education reformers (clearly led by Bill Gates) have nothing to lose by getting it all out there now.  Now I know why U.S. Senator Chris Coons (Delaware) is chomping at the bit for his post-secondary legislation to get passed by Congress.

Read this.  Every single word.  Read between the lines.  This is the endgame they have been pushing for, the complete and utter destruction of public education in anticipation of online education for all.  Where you will be tracked from cradle to grave, with data allowed to be looked at through a federal database, which will track everything about you.  The sad part is they play to civil rights groups by assuring more success for minorities.  They screw over students with disabilities every chance they get.  But their manipulation of under-served communities is at an all-time high in this document.  Words like “outcome-based funding” scare the crap out of me, and it should for every single American.  Look at all the footnotes in the below document.  Look at the companies and think-tanks that are reaping immense profits for every bogus report they come out with.  Look how embedded this already is in every single state and our national government.

While this document is geared towards higher education, its goals are for ALL education.  It is all about creating the “workforce of tomorrow”.  He mentions Jobs For the Future at the very end of the document.  Just take a look at the corporate education reform madness they push out.  I have no doubt Gates is concerned about the workforce of tomorrow.  By making sure we are all learning online, Microsoft continues to profit.  And all the other ed tech companies are chomping at the bit for their big paydays of the future.  This is ALL about corporate profit.

Hillary Clinton will, in all likelihood, be our next President.  She is all in on this.  Every single step.  And she has been since the very beginning.  The question is if we can, as everyday Americans, education enough people to rise up and tell our government to stop selling out education to investors, hedge fund managers, and ed tech companies.  That will be the challenge.  How do you stop corporations and billionaires from taking over not only education but the entire economy?  It takes courage and strength, bravery and daring.  It is in all of us.  Now we have to bring it out more than ever so we can turn the future into one of our design, not those who wish to be prophets and profit.

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13 thoughts on “The Gates Foundation Isn’t Even Hiding It Anymore… The Complete Transformation Of Education Brought To You By Billionaires

  1. The difficulty is that even Donald Trump’s running mate, former Governor Mike Pence has been instrumental in implementing digital learning and competency-based education (Bitcoin/Edublock education—the Obama/Gates envisioned education where all children get to live out the data-tracked Life Of Julia). So, a Trump win doesn’t get Bill Gates out of global education reform. At the recent, #UtahSolutionsSummit, Mike Pence and Carly Fiorina were there talking about aligning education and higher ed to the needs of the workforce—this is socialism, and serfdom for our children. Digital learning being pushed by conservatives and progressives, alike, is all about advancing the Life of Julia where your healthcare and opportunities for learning are decided by big-data.

    This is the best resource on the subject to date; look at where the ACT is headed in turning your children into a commodity:

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  2. Bill Gates does NOT want Common Core, he does not want Competency Based Education or personalized learning. What he wants is to save and protect his precious Microsoft. The federal government at one time considered Microsoft a monopoly. Well they did break up Microsoft now did they? And a couple years after it was over Gates comes out as the great Education guru. I believe what is doing he is doing because the federal government made him an offer he could to refuse. He is doing the dirty work the federal government cannot do. It is called corporate fascism. If the American people are looking at Trump or any elected official to fix this mess they are looking in all the wrong places. The power to end this is staring you right in the mirror. We could bring this to its knees in less than ONE YEAR if parents would stand up and fight back. Pull your kids out of the public system and STARVE THE BEAST and we will see the beast shrivel and die. Then WE the parents tell our employee the federal government what we want and the first thing we want is for Congress to shut out the lights at the US Dept. of Education then totally defund the United Nations. No more American money paid to the UN to fund our demise. Again, WE have the power and WE have to take our power back. Start by pulling your kids out and making arrangements to home school them for the next year. If we could get 25% of our kids out of the system the system will implode. It must implode. It cannot be fixed as it is today. Organize in your community to work together and STARVE THE BEAST once and for all. The time for begging is over. They will NEVER listen to you and the will NEVER do what we want. We have to MAKE them do what we want and that won’t happen as long as we depend on them to do what is right.


    1. So… what happens to all those families w/two working parents or one working parent? How does that work w/homeschooling your kids? Do it at night? Who watches the kids during the day? That means more income going to daycare. Starving the beast is a good concept, but I don’t think pulling kids out of school is the right idea. We need a million parent march in D.C. or something that makes a lot of noise.


      1. Many working parents home school their children. If protecting the children you brought into this world is important enough you will find a way. Getting millions to march on DC has already been proven over and over again an exercise in futility. I understand not all kids must be pulled out to destroy this beast but we need at least 25%. The rest that must stay have to have parents ready to take action. Refuse free meals in school, refuse ALL surveys, refuse the digital platform, refuse high stakes testing, refuse competency based education. They have to be engaged and fight back. But again please do not think that only parents that do not work can home school. Many parents that work from home, work shift work and/or have family and friends in which they work deals in order to make home school work for them. We have consortiums of parents that work together to educate groups of children. Parents taking turns and all participating. It is all too easy to just rely on the age old excuses but they just don’t hold ice water any more. If you want to do it you will, if not you will make excuses. This is way too important and there is a day coming when it will be too late and that day is fast approaching.


  3. Thanks for the quick turnaround on the Gates agenda for postsecondary education. It is clear that the “private-public” partnership rhetoric is a cover for getting rid of privacy laws and exploiting present and possible data analytic systems to reshape all of higher education. Unfortunately, the University of Texas system has taken the bait for a ten-year span, allowing for course and program tracking of student data and determination of best value programs based on after graduation income earned, tracking all of this with student SS numbers. The envisioned surveillance system will be connected to the Gates-funded Data Quality Campaign ( privately funded) and State Longitudinal Data System (federally funded) for pre-K to grade 12, with especially strong links to each student’s scores on 8th grade math and reading tests, and number of math courses taken. Gates is not alone in this venture, but is leading the pack. Others involved are the Ford Foundation Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation, National Center for Education Statistics, National Science Foundation, TG™ (Texas, guidance for loan seekers), USA Funds ( largest guarantor of student loans), W. K. Kellogg foundation, Walmart Foundation (initiatives for first generation students of color seeking college degree). This “initiative” will start by coopting higher ed programs in these states: California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. Watch how the program becomes national while being marketed as “state led.”


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