18 Who Will Make An Impact In 2018: The Voter

The Voter

Never before has a citizen’s right been more important.  This could be said of any election, but the only one that matters now is the next one.  Candidates are slowly filing for office.  This will ramp up big time in the next few months.  Candidates from the same party will face off against each other throughout the state and then they may face someone from the other party, or, hopefully, some more 3rd party candidates!

Every single vote is important.  In Virginia, a House seat ended with a tie until a recount.  One Democrat vote won the race.  Your voice, as well as your vote matters.  If you support a candidate, go as far as you possibly can with that support.  Help them out.  Put signs up.  Talk to people about your choice.  Nothing is pre-ordained.  Nothing.  It may seem that way, but that is why they coined the term “dark horse”.

Whether it is a school board or a city council or your state legislature or U.S. Government, it all matters.  Do not sit on the fence and think your vote doesn’t matter.  It does.

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