5,480 Days Later or 131,520 Hours Since or 7,891,200 Seconds Gone


It seems like so long ago and yet it feels like it just happened.  Why?  I still ask myself that many times.  It made no sense.  It seemed like something out of a bad horror movie.  Madness personified.  Human beings who thought they were doing something for a just cause.  Throwing their own lives away while taking out thousands of others.  Destruction on a mass scale.  I’ll never understand it as long as I live.

What happened to the feeling we had after?  When nothing could break us apart?  Yet, here we are, a country divided.  Sides drawn in the long battle of what the true measurement of life is.  How many more sacrifices will there have to be until we finally get it.  That each person is unique, a gift of life.  A person, whole and true.  When will the ugliness that separates us disappear for good?

Nothing will change what happened.  But we can change what will be.  We all make the choice every single day, in small ways and big ways.  We struggle to be free knowing in our hearts that our freedom is something that can fade if we have hate in our hearts.

Remember to love.  In the end, that’s all that matters.



One thought on “5,480 Days Later or 131,520 Hours Since or 7,891,200 Seconds Gone

  1. It is quite common for one to look back on fond memories of youth and wish for simpler times. But most of that comes because we were either too young, or now too old to understand that what we saw then was a myopic vision. Nearsighted as we were, we lived in bubbles whose walls reflected inwards. We could not see others who lived beside us, having a very different reality from the ones we experienced…

    Open mindedness and communication across barriers is how we achieve peace and prosperity.. Leaders who have stood above hate have led their nations to great prosperity… Closed borders and closed minds, have always led their societies on a downward spiral, a trend consistent for as long as mankind has lasted. For by closing off their future options by doubling down on their alienations, they rendered themselves vulnerable to being alone that moment when the attack comes. And History tells us, it always comes….


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