Primary Polls: Who Will Win & Who Do You Think Deserves To Win! Vote Before You Vote!

Delaware Election 2016


In about 51 hours, the Delaware Primary Season will be over.  There are a ton of races throughout the state, from Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Insurance Commissioner, U.S. Congress, State Senator, State Representative, Mayor of Wilmington and New Castle County Executive.  With these polls, pick who you think will win and who you think deserves to win (your chosen candidate).  For some races this will be it after the primary.  Whoever wins the primary wins the election.  But some races aren’t done after the Primary.  Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday!





2 thoughts on “Primary Polls: Who Will Win & Who Do You Think Deserves To Win! Vote Before You Vote!

  1. Sadly, they are all infinitely better than any Republican opting to vie in that race. But aside it being just a blanket insult against Democrats, Josiah, I’m having trouble understanding the intention behind your comment. Is it a joke? For example, most people think the Lt. Governor position is worthless, thereby making every person even if they might be a Republican, ….well qualified for that position.

    I think you probably need to explain first what you think the worth of a Lt. Governor, should be….


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