Senate Concurrent Resolution #76 Carries A Lot Of Weight For Delaware Students


I’m sorry, I had to put that headline in.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but thank you to Senator David Sokola and State Rep. Paul Baumbach for coming up with the most common sense legislation I have seen in years!  As a father of a school-aged son, I have seen him struggle with what this legislation deals with.  It is a very heavy load for students to bear this burden.  But this bill recognizes this, and I do appreciate it.  As a frequent grocery shopper, I used to struggle with bags either loaded up to the point I thought my arm would fall of or they put one thing in each bag.  Neither is acceptable.  But this bill does actually make a lot of sense.  When you hear your student complaining about back pain, it could come from the dreaded backpack!



One thought on “Senate Concurrent Resolution #76 Carries A Lot Of Weight For Delaware Students

  1. They finally got something right. Our grandson who is now 13 started to have back problems 2 years ago. Got him a rolling suitcase to use but kids at school made fun of him so he started using the backpack again. Thank you Sen. David Sokolav and Rep. Paul Baumbach – but don’t stop here, continue to advocate for students.


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