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Family Foundations Academy

In my last Family Foundations article from today, I included the Charter School Accountability Committees October 14th minutes.  Now you get to see their response, which has the funniest sentence I have ever heard in my life, and yes, they put this in writing!  Keep in mind, all these people on the board and the two heads of school belong to this same national fraternity (which Kilroy and I aren’t done with by the way).

This document has, given the context of my earlier article, the funniest line I’ve heard in a long time!  And they put it in writing!

The Satisfaction Officer is evaluated by the Chief Operating Officer to whom she reports.  While her husband is President of FFA’s board, the Board President had no role in her hiring and she does not report to him.

Okay, we’ll just take that on faith.  Satisfaction Officer.  Let that one roll off the tongue for a while…