Did DE DOJ & AG Office Collaborate w/DE DOE on Legal Opinion About Priority Schools?

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

It sure looks like it.  Is that even legal?  Wouldn’t the whole point about getting a legal opinion from an Attorney General’s office about another state department be they should not go to that other state department to get legal advice about the legal opinion they have been asked to provide about something coming from that state department?  Is that the longest question I’ve ever typed in my life? (Yes) How corrupt is the Delaware state government?  Does the United States Department of Justice need to be notified of this?  Does the first email which specifically states “It is not a public document under FOIA” even count as “not an FOIA document” if it was included in an actual FOIA request?  With the priority school decisions coming in early January, someone needs to look at the shenanigans the Delaware DOE, Delaware DOJ and Governor Markell’s office have committed in this quest.  And there are still a lot of FOIAs left to come out that the state needs to provide which will give EVEN MORE answers!  Read the below and see how our state operates!


Governor Markell & Mark Murphy’s Boasting of Eastside Charter Scores Based On Bogus Claims! @TNJ_malbright

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

As pointed out by a brilliant commenter on Kilroy’s Delaware, Eastside Charters huge “gains” aren’t as transparent as we originally thought.  This criteria was based on a 2010-2011 3rd grade class of 62 students compared to the same class which only had 29 students in the 2012-2013 year.  How in the hell can you compare the two?  You can’t.  How do we know some of the lower scoring DCAS students didn’t choice out or leave the school for some reason?  Someone has some explaining to do….

More bogus claims from the DOE and Markell to justify the priority schools.  And reported by Matthew Albright with the News Journal a few times, including a huge article today.  And the governor says comparing schools is making excuses…  Stop the madness Markell.  Your comments are being exposed for the fraud they are every single day!!!!!  People are going to start wondering why you are pushing so damn hard on this a week and a half before January 7th.

Priority School FOIAs Part 5

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

Part 5 shows the complete and utter frustration on the part of Delaware legislators with the horrible lack of communication from the Delaware DOE.  So much so that one of them filed with the Department of Justice.  Another FOIA set of emails that will be released by one of the Delaware blogs today will indicate the Delaware DOJ had to get advice from the Delaware DOE since “they are the experts” to get a legal opinion on the legality of the priority schools initiative….read into that how you will….

Priority School FOIAs Part 4

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

This part has actual DOE emails concerning the priority schools.  Interesting verbiage in these conversations….

July 18 Murphy Email about applicability to charter schools (partial)


Priority School FOIAs Part 3

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

Why does Markell’s office follow Rodel’s news blog so closely?  And did Mark Murphy write the script for the Wilmington City Council meeting on October 9th?  Judge for yourself!

The Priority Schools FOIAs Part 2

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

Part 2.  These are long reads, but there is a lot of information in these!

The Priority School FOIAs, Part 1

Delaware Priority Schools Takeover

Holy Redaction Batman!  Did Markell’s office redact information that is NOT covered by FOIA law?  Read through these documents and you be the judge!


“Priority” schools FOIA bomb: Media Manipulation at the News Journal in full reveal.


Didn’t I just write about the media bias with the News Journal yesterday? Here’s the proof!