Delaware Department of Education in need of structural transformation Re: failure to follow CBOC law


The big forensic report done for FFA last February, released to all! What is going on with this charter school? More to come here!

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Educator Debate

*I got schooled by a commenter named “Dee”, so I am taking her advice.  Please read her comment to know what the real story is.  I welcome discussion and comments on this.  Thanks!

The State Board of Education in Delaware will discuss regulation surrounding the advanced teacher program teacher stuff at their meeting on Thursday, December 18th. Based on the new teacher compensation guidelines, what I am hearing, teachers in Delaware will not be paid more if they have an advanced degree. But teachers coming out of the Teach For America or Relay Graduate School of Education get a fast track to certification in Delaware based on bad legislation in the Alternative Routes To Teacher Licensure and Certification Program.

This has been the intent all along. And it is a union-busting move. Why have great teachers, when you can have okay teachers with less money and less rights? Because when the DOE makes school districts a “priority” and they turn those schools into charters, who is going to fill the slots? They will say those teachers are bad, those filthy nasty union teachers. Here’s how it stands: the key to ending all of this is for parents to opt out now. If the DOE doesn’t have the data, they can’t use the scores to make all the bad judgments. See for yourself how special interest lobbying groups have rewritten education in our state!