More Family Foundations Complaints Sent To The DE DOE Charter School Office & State Board

Family Foundations Academy

Special thanks to Kilroys for getting this damning information about Family Foundations out to the public (DOE should have first).  The DOE Charter School Office and State Board have been the recipient of numerous complaints in regards to this charter school.  For the past two years, it has been a litany of complaints about teachers, administration and students regarding matters of sexual harassment, bullying, discipline, use of P-cards for personal use and so much more.  It’s all in here:

Why is the public first hearing about all of this now?  Why does it take Kilroy (who is awesome by the way) to release it before the DOE takes any action?  And you renewed their charter, knowing this entire history?  And Gateway, a school for special needs children, gets stabbed in the back by the Charter School Accountability Committee over test scores while you sit there knowing all these laws are being broken over at Family Foundations?  Are you out of your damn minds?  What’s it going to take DOE, huh?  In your quest for charter domination in Delaware, you have spit on the very foundation of education itself.  I can see several people that need to be removed immediately, starting with Mark Murphy himself.

It appears several of these items were sent to other organizations within Delaware’s government structure as well, including the Governor’s office.  Matthew Albright from the News Journal, why haven’t you or your paper written about any of this?  Your paper has never received one complaint from a parent at this school?  It’s like Animal House over there.

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Charter schools are the best. They can do no wrong. They are the solution to what ails our schools. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Delaware parents. It’s always a great place until the veil is lifted, then it ALL comes out.

Delaware Parents, It Just Got Real! Opt Out Now!

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

If you think for one second the Smarter Balanced Assessment is going to be used to benefit our children, think again.  We all need to opt out now.  We all know who the usual suspects are.  We know they don’t care.  By taking this assessment, we will be giving them exactly what they want.  Whether you think your child can take the test or not, it’s not right.  They know I know, but they don’t know what I know.

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Charter School Takeover In Delaware

If you thought there was controversy over the six priority schools now, just wait until you see what the DOE has planned with their next set of ESEA waivers!  Three words: Priority School Districts!  Who didn’t see this one coming?  More charters coming to town.  To lots of towns if the DOE has their way.  Must.  Read.  Document.  Especially the bottom of page 6.  Don’t let the wording fool you.  This is the goal.  The true Vision of Rodel and Markell.  And that’s how they will implement this.