Earl Jaques Is Really Pushing For State Takeover Of Christina

Christina School District

The most controversial piece of legislation in the Delaware General Assembly will be State Rep. Earl Jaques’ brainfart of an idea to have the State of Delaware take over the Christina School District. 

To say Earl hates Christina is an understatement.  He loathes them.  Along with his buddy in the Senate, David Sokola, we will see legislation come before the General Assembly to have the state wipe out the Christina School District as an independent district.

The question will become how many of the other State Representatives and Senators agree with Earl and Dave.  This is going to be a hot (and I mean that in the boiling your skin away) topic.  Expect Christina supporters to storm Legislative Hall like NEVER before.  Ironically, this comes at the same time Newark Charter School will be looking to expand.

The Delaware DOE and their most fervent supporters in the General Assembly will do anything to punish and smear the Christina School District.  So much so they will utterly destroy it.  One state Senator once talked about razing the district to the ground.  And it wasn’t Sokola.  Cremate.  Raze.  Destroy.  They all want the same thing.  To pound the district into oblivion.

Earl is running around to every legislator he can to support his festering turd of a bill.  I’m telling you right now- if Earl introduces this legislation expect a war like you’ve never seen before in the House Education Committee.  If you thought the public comment for the opt-out bill was long, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Before I posted about her knowing her Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller was stealing money from Indian River while she was Superintendent of the district, current Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting and I would have friendly chats.  She talked to me about the Christina School District one night at a district consolidation meeting.  I could say the absolute hatred in her eyes.  It didn’t matter what I said.  She hates them.  So does Earl.  So does Dave.


3 thoughts on “Earl Jaques Is Really Pushing For State Takeover Of Christina

  1. what is scary is when one area of government thinks they are better prepared to handle something another part of government is currently handling


  2. No one is handling the Christina problem. No one is setting up the framework for the new Wilmington School District. Education is a local issue. The State and the Districts are spending (hundreds of?) millions of Tax dollars busing students to districts hours away from their homes to no effect. Naive PC thought from the last Century is not accomplishing the boot strap goal of betterment. It has destroyed education in NCC. Reset Now. Fund schools from income Taxes. A WSD is needed today.


    1. A strong case could be made, the skeletonization of Wilmington commerce is a direct result of the order to eliminate the WSD. The educated moved over the Pa. border to raise families and start schools that eclipse those of NCC.


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