I spent the other night watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, “Love Actually”.  If you haven’t seen the Richard Curtis romance, I highly recommend it.  That, along with other things going on, really got me thinking about the nature of love.  What is it?  Why is it so hard and yet so easy?  Why does it bring us so much joy but so much pain when we don’t feel it?

The People Of Delaware Demand Justice Be Served On Patrick Miller!

Patrick Miller

Enough is enough already.  This guy has been walking around since the 1990s with fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds in his rearview mirror as he walks around like he is the Al Capone of Delaware.  If the Delaware Attorney General’s office won’t act, the people will force them to!

Please sign the petition at the below link.  I was really hoping Attorney General Matt Denn would take significant action against Patrick Miller but he failed, plain and simple.  Now it is incumbent on incoming Attorney General Kathleen Jennings to reopen the investigations into Patrick Miller, not only at the Indian River School District but also the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company. Petition: The People Demand A Full Investigation Into Patrick Miller!