Your Guide To The New Delaware 150th General Assembly

Delaware 150th General Assembly

In January, 2019, Delaware will embark on the 150th session of the General Assembly.  Yesterday’s election changed the face of our legislative body in a big way!  Who runs Delaware for the next two years?  Who makes the laws?  All can be seen below.  If you don’t recognize some of the names, do some research.  If you want changes in our laws, seek out your State Representative or State Senator.  If you are having issues that aren’t being taken care of, call your elected officials.  Whether you agree with the party or not, your elected officials are there to represent YOU, not themselves.  If they don’t help, call them out for it.

Governor: John Carney (Democrat)

Lieutenant Governor: Bethany Hall Long (Democrat)

Delaware Attorney General: Kathleen Jennings (Democrat)

State Auditor: Kathy McGuiness (Democrat)

State Treasurer: Colleen Davis (Democrat)

Insurance Commissioner: Trinidad Navarro (Democrat)


State Senate: 12 Democrats, 9 Republicans, 16 Men, 5 Women

1st: Harris McDowell (Democrat) 

2nd: Darius Brown (Democrat)

3rd: Elizabeth Lockman (Democrat)

4th: Laura Sturgeon (Democrat)

5th: Catherine Cloutier (Republican)

6th: Ernie Lopez (Republican)

7th: Anthony Delcollo (Republican)

8th: David Sokola (Democrat)

9th: Jack Walsh (Democrat)

10th: Stephanie Hansen (Democrat)

11th: Bryan Townsend (Democrat)

12th: Nicole Poore (Democrat)

13th: David McBride (Democrat)

14th: Bruce Ennis (Democrat)

15th: David Lawson (Republican)

16th: Colin Bonini (Republican)

17th: Trey Paradee (Democrat)

18th: David Wilson (Republican)

19th: Brian Pettyjohn (Republican)

20th: Gerald Hocker (Republican)

21st: Bryant Richardson (Republican)


State Representative: 26 Democrat, 15 Republican, 31 Men, 10 Women

1st: Nnamdi Chukwuocha (Democrat)

2nd: Stephanie Bolden (Democrat)

3rd: Sherry Dorsey Walker (Democrat)

4th: Gerald Brady (Incumbent, Democrat)

5th: Kendra Johnson (Democrat)

6th: Deb Heffernan (Democrat)

7th: Raymond Siegfried (Democrat)

8th: Quinton Johnson (Democrat)

9th: Kevin Hensley (Republican)

10th: Sean Matthews (Democrat)

11th: Jeff Spiegelman (Republican)

12th: Krista Griffith (Democrat)

13th: John Mitchell (Democrat)

14th: Pete Schwartzkopf (Democrat)

15th: Valerie Longhurst (Democrat)

16th: Franklin Cook (Democrat)

17th: Melissa Minor-Brown (Democrat)

18th: David Bentz (Democrat)

19th: Kim Williams (Democrat)

20th: Stephen Smyk (Republican)

21st: Mike Ramone (Republican)

22nd: Michael Smith (Republican)

23rd: Paul Baumbach (Democrat)

24th: Ed Osienski (Democrat)

25th: John Kowalko (Democrat)

26th: John Viola (Democrat)

27th: Earl Jaques (Democrat)

28th: William Carson (Democrat)

29th: Bill Bush (Democrat)

30th: Shannon Morris (Republican)

31st: Sean Lynn (Democrat)

32nd: Andria Bennett (Democrat)

33rd: Charles Postles (Republican)

34th: Lyndon Yearick (Republican)

35th: Jesse Vanderwende (Republican)

36th: Bryan Shupe (Republican)

37th: Ruth Briggs King (Republican)

38th: Ronald Gray (Republican)

39th: Daniel Short (Republican)

40th: Timothy Dukes (Republican)

41st: Rich Collins (Republican)

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