4 thoughts on “Forget What You’ve Read. The DAPSS Closure Is Because Of Fraud, Plain And Simple.”

  1. RE: “…until every single penny of tax-payer dollars for education is laid bare for the whole world to see…” 100% agree, HOWEVER, I would want to see strings attached, too. As in “if parents find these allocated funds going to DOE salary raises and whatnot, they should have a choice to rescind the tax money allocation and have these returned to the tax payers.” Yes, I know no sane government system will EVER allow this to happen, but that’s how the now largely destroyed feedback should function, by being able to claw back the blank check money we, the parents, never control – it is always handled by those who cannot be easily held responsible (only when substantial number of lawyers are present).

    Either way, by the time such changes may happen, our kids will be gone from the school, grown up and out in the real world … The System knows that and is in no hurry to turn The System Wheels … that’s why some of the parents I’ve spoken with sign with “I hope my kids graduate and get out of the place” … I, too, DO NOT UNDERSTAND why we, the parents, have to learn how The System operates in order to make sure it works as it should … I guess because it cannot run by itself, it is missing self-correcting algorithms that would prevent it from tripping over 1 inch tall railing whilst walking with 1000 feet long legs we, the parents, cannot even see, they are too tall and hidden in the clouds … something like that …


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