Caesar Rodney Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald Pulls A Fast One On Teachers And Staff

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Every year, the Caesar Rodney School District has a guest speaker at welcome back breakfast for teachers and staff.  Usually, the guest speaker tells educators about all the things they should do in the upcoming year or sometimes it is past graduates who made it big, such as Duron Harmon from the New England Patriots.  But this year’s guest speaker was a little bit different than past speakers.

Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald introduced the speaker as Paul Dunbar.  Dunbar was, according to Fitzgerald, a graduate from Caesar Rodney’s first high school graduating class, back in 1968.  Fitzgerald said Dunbar was in a wheelchair and said he would be wheeled on the stage.  He asked their Board of Education to go up on the stage and greet him with flowers.  Fitzgerald’s secretary wheels an old, disabled African-American man onto the stage and he receives a standing ovation.  All of a sudden the lights went out and the high school auditorium was pitch black.  The lights came back on and Mike Hines, the famous Delaware singer from local band Mike Hines and the Look begins singing.  The board members handed out giant glow sticks to the audience and everyone started dancing.

Now THAT was a good one Fitz!

Hines was a Caesar Rodney graduate and he took the time to thank the district for having him come out to sing.

Thank you Dr. Fitzgerald and Caesar Rodney School District for having me perform after the CRHS District Breakfast. I’m very proud to be a Caesar Rodney High School Alumni and it was an honor to entertain you and your guests. Also, thank you Tamara Toles-Torain for getting me to the stage in my disguise and I had a blast! Take care, good luck and may everyone have a wonderful school year.
Peace and Blessings,
Mike Hines

You can catch the video of it below:

The last time I saw Mike Hines was at Governor Carney’s Inauguration Ball back in January.  Now that was a very interesting evening!  Glowsticks and Pinot Grigio!  But it looks like Mike Hines wasn’t the only celebrity in attendance…


I’m glad to see districts having some fun lately.  Between this and Christina’s welcome back to teachers and staff at the Chase Riverfront, I have a feeling this is going to be a good year for Delaware public school students!



3 thoughts on “Caesar Rodney Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald Pulls A Fast One On Teachers And Staff

  1. How are these districts paying for these openings-local, state, federal or a combination? Would these costs pass the smell test with the auditors? Are the auditors requiring different expectations for different districts? I hope not.

    Perhaps all costs were donated- that would be commendable!

    Just a thought….


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