Delaware School District Consolidation Task Force Meeting Tonight At Legislative Hall


Thanks for State Rep. Kim Williams for getting the word out on this.  Yes, this task force is meeting tonight.  At Legislative Hall in the House Hearing Room on the 2nd floor.  From 6:30 to 8:00pm.  Come, give public comment.

I don’t know who the members are except for the following State Reps and Senators: State Reps. Earl Jaques and Joe Miro and Senator David Sokola and Brian Pettyjohn.  I’m guessing since Dave is biking somewhere in Illinois or Ohio at this point, he won’t be there.  That is an interesting group right there.  I’m assuming Earl is the Chair of this cabal since he is the one funning the meeting.  Come, or be square!  We know the Delaware Charter Schools Network won’t have a membership because of Rep. Williams last minute amendment on the bill.

Seriously, whose idea was it to have meetings in the middle of the Summer?  The Dept. of Education is the coordinator.  So I just answered my own question, duh!  Sorry for the late notice folks, but I literally just found out about this myself!

2 thoughts on “Delaware School District Consolidation Task Force Meeting Tonight At Legislative Hall

  1. I think you are wrong on one point: Kim was unsuccessful in getting the Charter School Network off of the task force. Sokola’s amendment got them out of consideration in discussion but not out of the room. They’ll be at the table..


  2. I guess I missed that Kim got them off the task force. Good. I see Brian Stephan is tweeting that: Subcommittees are OPEN to ALL, you can sign up and be involved as non-voting members of the task force. #eduDE. And: 4 task force subcommittees: 1. Structure Transportation & Manpower 2. Financial 3. Academics & Children Needs 4. Teachers & Staff #eduDE

    I think Tom Wagner needs to be on the Finance subcommittee.


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