Delaware Courts Send WRONG Message With NO Jail Time For Those Who Steal School Money

Education Funding Theft

WDEL announced Dr. Tennell Brewington, the former co-head of school of Family Foundations Academy, pled guilty to her role in theft of education funds at the New Castle County charter school.  Her whopping sentence: three years in prison but it was suspended.  NO jail time.  Oh, but she will have probation.  Cry me a damn river!  You better believe if that was you or I working in the private sector, we would be doing time!  But no, not in Delaware, the first to sign the Constitution and the last to follow it.  Sorry, this really pisses me off.

As if education funding isn’t jacked up enough, now our courts are saying it is okay to steal money meant for kids.  But I guess we need to add new buckets on Delaware Online Checkbook.  You know, things like foot massages and pedicures.  Give me a friggin’ break here!  I guess Audrey Erschen and Chuck Taylor from Providence Creek Academy will get lollipops for their misdeeds there.  Or Noel Rodriguez from Academy of Dover will get some more Disney knick-knacks for showing a little remorse.  And the guy from Indian River, Patrick Miller, can get a new boat.  But we will throw kids down the river for much lesser crimes.  This state is so damn corrupt it isn’t even funny.

And what the hell is up with Sean Moore?  That crap isn’t even funny anymore.  He is sitting back and laughing at all this.  These people are getting away with whatever the hell they want.  It appears it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s who you know.  Whose palms are getting greased?  What political favors are going around to avoid prison time for these clowns?  These are kids that are going without.  Our courts are saying they care more about the burden of incarcerating influential school “leaders” than sending an example that it isn’t right to steal education funds.

Some lady stole a ton of money from the Cape Henlopen boosters club for baseball or something like that.  Over $20,000.00.  I can see that example really working there Delaware!  That happened after all the charter thieves got caught.  I suspect there is a lot more of this going on.  Which is why nobody wants to REALLY audit these schools.  Providence Creek didn’t learn their lesson the first time.  They just got better at hiding it.  But like most secrets, they can’t stay buried forever.  But what does it matter?   The guilty will get off easy.  Can’t have all those thieves filling up courtroom space while the courtroom is already filled up with the school-to-prison pipeline kids.  Can’t have that!

5 thoughts on “Delaware Courts Send WRONG Message With NO Jail Time For Those Who Steal School Money

  1. If the state will do nothing can’t someone involve the feds. Isn’t embezzlement a federal crime?
    I have a very good friend at the DOJ in DC maybe I will speak with them.


    1. Candy, the feds can only get involved if she used federal funds, i.e. Title I funds or special education federal funds (IDEA-B). She did not. The other guy there, Sean Moore, did. Which is why his case went federal. Feds leave state money cases to the states. Doesn’t make it right, but just how these things roll.

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  2. Candy, nice of you to off help, however, DC is even more corrupt then the politicians at state level. It is so, so sad that adults have to act like that when we teach our children not to steal, not to lie, etc. My personal thought is public schools should be public no more. Need to privatize them, they would be operated more efficiently, more accountability.


    1. All of her teaching credentials have been revoked!

      The bottom line, she isn’t going to jail because she is African American. Plain and simple.

      And before anyone starts any bullshit with me, I am a black male…I know what I am talking about. They don’t feel the need to make an example out of her. Same reason why those killers that contributed to Amy Joyner’s death got a slap on the wrist. Our criminal justice system is a freak joke.


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