Dr. Dan Shelton Milks Financially Ailing Christina School District

Dan Shelton

The mysterious contract for Dr. Daniel Shelton, the Superintendent for Christina School District, was finally released today in an article by Amy Cherry over at WDEL. Considering Shelton started out at Capital five years ago in the $150-$160,000 range he sure made a windfall moving over to Christina School District. Because he is now making $199,000 a year (for the first year, read further to find out how that could drastically increase).

Among Dr. Dan’s many perks, he received $15,000 for this school year as a “transition” stipend to cover his costs of relocating to the district. Because, yes, it apparently costs $15,000 to “transition” when you live in the Red Clay School District all the way to Christina School District. I would love to see the justification for this exorbitant fee (and that’s exactly what it is). But luckily for the taxpayers of Christina, Delaware, and all of America (because his contract is paid through local, state, and federal funds), it will only cost us $9,000 a year to cover Dr. Dan’s automobile expenses to the tune of $750 a month.

Even more egregious and insulting to the taxpayers of Christina-Delaware-America, Dr. Dan gets an automatic step increase of 2% a year ALONG with whatever percentage of raises the local teacher unions get for their increases. Because hell, why not? No apparent conflict of interest here given that HIS OFFICE NEGOTIATES TEACHER CONTRACTS.

What confuses me though is the fact that the Zoom meeting to vote Dr. Dan in took place on 6/4/2020. All the board members were in different places at the time. So how in the world did they all manage to sign this contract on 6/4/2020? Furthermore, the contract had zero public input which would have been helpful given that the district was going out for a referendum at the time. And four out of the seven board members were elected by the board and not the public.

While everyone is figuring out what to do with Covid-19 and schools, it looks like Dr. Dan took FULL advantage of the chaos to get himself a contract that benefits him immensely.

To read the contract between Dr. Dan and Christina, feast your eyes. It is QUITE a read. Thanks to WDEL for doing all the legwork on this!

12 thoughts on “Dr. Dan Shelton Milks Financially Ailing Christina School District

  1. Business as usual for this district. Students and teachers get screwed. When is the state going to stop this heinous rape of taxpayers dollars and give that money to teachers and students?


  2. The Association’s #1 bargaining demand should be….” Each teacher shall be provided a $15,000 transition stipend to cover the immeasurable cost of switching back and forth from virtual teaching to classroom instruction.” And this should be a strike issue.


      1. Well shelton just walked through our building this morning. Arrogant. Didnt acknowledge any staff uness he worked with them before. Can already tell he will not be a superintendent that listens to teachers.


        1. I’m sorry to hear that Jim. No Superintendent should think they are above their teachers and staff because he would be nothing without them. He may be at the helm but if he doesn’t foster a team environment than his stint will be very destructive.


          1. We also have 5 confirmed covid cases among students in various grades and not all staff has been notified. Even ones that were exposed tobthise students.


  3. The two districts with the biggest issues re: covid – csd and rcsd – both have new superintendents trying to make a name for themselves. and its rolling downhill. the building admins are basically in hiding to keep their jobs and IT is a joke. How can you do your job on ZOOM when the district gives you a computer that doesn’t have a working microphone nor speakers and wont return calls to get it fixed


  4. Teacher strikes were illegal in Oklahoma, W. Va., Arizona, Kentucky, etc etc….but that didn’t stop the teachers in those states from striking statewide….and they won….I’m bettin’ they will have Joe on their side if they hit the bricks.


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