Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm

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There is so much going on with Delaware education right now as we continue to live in unprecedented times. But some of those things are making me scratch my head along with some other matters…

  1. Why has Odyssey Charter School STILL not paid back the $93,000 that the Delaware DOE, the Secretary of Education, and the State Board of Education demanded they do as part of not just one, but two, formal reviews?
  2. Christina School District recently announced they would be going remote until December 7th. The reason for this was listed as concerns with “operational management”. Does this mean the district has a problem with how their operation is being managed? Which would start at the top with Superintendent Dan Shelton. Or does this mean they are too cowardly to actually use the words “it’s because of Covid”?
  3. Where is Kilroy’s Delaware aside from Facebook?
  4. With all the new restrictions going on in Delaware, which began yesterday, why the hell were schools not included in those? You can’t have more than 10 people for Thanksgiving. You can’t have more than six people in a restaurant with a maximum of four adults. Churches have to be at 30% capacity. But we are going to allow children, where it is highly likely they could be walking around with asymptomatic symptoms of Covid, to be in a classroom? We are going to allow people to swarm the box stores like Wal-mart on Black Friday? It doesn’t make sense. Go big or go home!
  5. Why are certain districts using what have been found to be pesticides for their disinfectants? Material Safety Data Sheets indicate this. I’ve heard multiple reports of these dangerous chemicals causing symptoms in teachers and staff members due to exposure. As if Covid wasn’t bad enough now we have to give people other crappy stuff?
  6. What Delaware charter school is being scrutinized very heavily for misappropriation of funds? (Gonna keep this one close to the vest… for now…)
  7. How many teachers will take advantage of New Castle County’s request for Covid-related projects on Donor’s Choice by TODAY? If your project is chosen you can receive up to $1,000 in funding. Note: these funds are from Covid funds that the county has to use by the end of the year. For more info go to
  8. Anyone involved in education legislation knows one of the greatest hurdles to bills has been David Sokola, who chaired the Senate Education Committee for several years. While Sokola did not lead that committee in the last General Assembly he is now the President Pro Tem. Which means he has immense power with bills. He can be very progressive on issues with the exception of education. But he did his utmost to destroy bills such as parent opt-out of standardized testing, teacher evaluations, and anything that could impact Newark Charter School. Will he use his power wisely or will we see potential abuse?
  9. How incredibly awesome would it be if State Rep. Kim Williams was selected as the Chair of the House Education Committee? And give someone like State Rep. Sean Matthews the Vice-Chair position?
  10. Why did Odyssey’s Board of Directors ignore the recommendations of their search committee for a new Head of School and choose someone else that fit more into AHEPA ideals? Has this school learned nothing? (See item #1) ANSWER: According to a source in the know who was on the search committee the vote for their new Head of School was unanimous to hire Pappas. (updated 12/2/2020)
  11. What Delaware Superintendent is quickly learning that their new job is not going as smoothly as they thought it was and you can’t run a district the same way as you did the old one?
  12. Will we ever get some coherent clarity on what is going on with special education and Covid? Numerous parents have contacted me and written publicly about the lack of special education their children are receiving at this time. The federal law protecting these students, IDEA, has very specific rules. Covid has thrown a monkey wrench on those laws and some schools are taking advantage of it. These kids and their parents need resolution, not posturing.
  13. Will Delaware Senator David Lawson accept Delaware Senator Sarah McBride as the first transgender State Senator in the nation? Or will he walk away when she is in session?
  14. Why hasn’t the Charter School Office made public the initial meetings of the charter school renewals which were supposed to come out on 11/4/2020? Have they learned nothing about the importance of transparency and keeping the public informed? For those who may not be aware, the following charter schools are up for renewal this year: Camput Community, MOT, and Provicence Creek Academy.
  15. How will Delaware handle vaccinations for Covid when they finally come out? Will they force students to receive vaccinations before they can come to school?
  16. Who will President Elect Joe Biden pick as his nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education? Will it be someone who is actually a teacher like he said he would do? While Besty DeVos can leave ASAP the last thing education in America needs is another Arne Duncan or some education think-tank “leader” that is more concerned about money and profit than actual education.
  17. How much did Rodel’s Paul Herdman make on Rodel’s last tax return, filed in 2019? Hint: it was between $424,596 and $424,598.
  18. Will Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting stick around for all of Delaware Governor John Carney’s 2nd term?
  19. Will Stand Up Delaware not just sit down but kindly shut the hell up?
  20. What is Patrick Miller up to these days? He is still the President of the Indian River Fire Department. Will anyone ever hold him accountable for his actions?
  21. What Delaware Superintendent got a certain amount of flack for referring to Betsy DeVos as a “hack” on his Twitter account? (for the record, I agree with him)
  22. When will Capital School District pick a new Superintendent?
  23. Where the hell is the next round of stimulus money? Get off your asses Congress and figure it out!
  24. Will the Delaware DOE cancel the Smarter Balanced Assessment again this year?
  25. What is 2021 going to bring? Will it be a better year than 2020?