Do You Support The Rally To Re-Open Delaware? Should The General Assembly Reconvene? How Is Governor Carney Doing? Take The Polls!

A rally is planned in downtown Dover on May 1st on The Green.  Do you support this?

A Facebook group launched last week called “Delawareans Against Excessive Quarantine”.  Their goal is to get Delaware Governor John Carney to reopen Delaware now.  Yesterday a counter group launched on Facebook called “Delawareans Against Delawareans Against Excessive Quarantine”.  On Friday, Governor Carney said he is aware of the rally but referred to any protests as “futile”.

In addition, the Delaware General Assembly decided in March to stop holding session.  Some are saying they should be meeting now.  This was bolstered by State Rep. Ruth Briggs-King writing an open letter to have the General Assembly Reconvene now.  Do you support this or you against this?

Do you approve or disapprove how Governor Carney has handled Coronavirus in Delaware?


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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

26 thoughts on “Do You Support The Rally To Re-Open Delaware? Should The General Assembly Reconvene? How Is Governor Carney Doing? Take The Polls!”

  1. His hands are tied. If we reopen, the covidiots from NY and NJ flock to DE to infect us leaving us holding the bag with similar issues faced by NYC. We’re not, nor should we do anything until we know the situation in PA, NY and NJ are under control.

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    1. If you’re waiting for the virus to go away permanently, you will be waiting until the end of days. viruses do not go away, they return year, after year, after year.


      1. No. You’re waiting for the virus to be under control in those densely populated areas so they can’t come to our beaches and malls and further transmit the disease.


  2. There is a pesky little thing called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (among other amendments). The longer that he tries to imprison an innocent population and the longer that he allows businesses (especially small businesses) to wither and die, the more people will start to revolt. There might have been some reason to ask people to stay at home at the beginning. But, we are now 5 weeks in to a 2 week prison sentence – over two cycles of the virus – and it is time to start talking about releasing people. Not everyone in the State has the guaranteed job (and pay) as these ‘lawmakers’ do. Soon, the ‘cure’ will be worse than the illness.

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    1. I agree with you & so do many of my friends in DE & PA. This virus will be just as potent tomorrow as it will be in July & October & next February.

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        1. Every day the number of cases increase. When this number consistently decreases over a 2 week period of time, then we should start the steps to slowly reopen the State. Until then be thankful our number of deaths have been low in comparison to other States. Go meet in Dover & cause the number of cases to spike again.


        2. Please provide the exact date in history when no one died. No one is ever prepared for deaths. But to use that as an excuse to prevent living is a poor argument


  3. I think the GA can certainly meet via zoom or whatever platform of their choice. Everyone else is doing it. Red Clay had over 100 people in their school board meeting this month. I’m sure the GA can figure out how to meet and legislate.

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  4. I will keep my family in quarantine until there is a vaccine. I am a delayed vaxxer, but my family members are frontline providers battling a highly contagious virus that Lacks solid data. They have their vaccines. In China previously cured people are retesting positive indicating that the antigens createD to fight off the virus are not long lasting. This virus can be brutal. Yes, many describe it as flulike, but once you need a hospital it is attacking vital organs, not just lungs. I think anyone who wants to hold a protest should sign away their rights to medical care if they or a family member contract covid. Please think about others first. Find your patience. No one is stealing your rights. You can buy guns, go out for pick up including cocktails to go. You can go outside. Yes many businesses needed to close and many are without jobs. A one time check from the government won’t change your financial predicament in the long run. But foreclosures and evictions have been halted. Delmarva has offered to restore power to those who don’t have it bc they are that far behind in their bills, with no fees. Taxes are delayed. Schools are feeding kids. Education is occurring. Businesses are advertising for employees. Car insurers are giving partial refunds. We are not in jail. Our rights are being preserved. Another round of stimulus wouldn’t hurt especially if the restrictions continue into June. Our country is in survival mode. Do you job as a citizen of a double democracy and stay put. That’s all that has been asked of us. The rest we can fix when it’s safe.


    1. ” I think anyone who wants to hold a protest should sign away their rights to medical care if they or a family member contract covid. Please think about others first. Find your patience. No one is stealing your rights. ”

      By this logic, anyone who is overweight, drinks alcohol, smokes, contracts the flu and still goes to work, drives while using a cellphone, uses hallucinatory drugs (like marijuana), should sign away their rights to sue or receive care for whatever happens to them. If you are told you cannot run your business because the state has deemed you ‘nonessential’, your ability (rights) at the basic level “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are being curtailed arbitrarily.

      If you want to stay quarantined until you feel safe- that ultimately is your choice. If your job says you must report in, it still is your choice to accept or not accept those terms. You could refuse and give up your job to remain safe. To mandate, that for the ‘common good’, ALL must remain home is not an economical nor realistically sustainable situation. Hypothetically; Do you think of others first when you attend and imbibe at a gathering where alcohol is served? Do you think of others first when you use your cell phone while driving? Do you think of the cost of insurance to others when you overeat if you are overweight? The list gets very long when one starts down the path of the government deeming arbitrarily what is for the common good. Florists are ‘essential’ but restaurants are not essential?

      I ‘think’, no, I KNOW, anyone who attends school should be vaccinated with the current vaccines. THE LAW mandates that they not be allowed to attend schools unless they are vaccinated. How do the schools verify that all children have the legal vaccinations if they will not even validate if the students are in the country legally?? For the ‘common good’ my children have legal protections in place, preventing them from being exposed to diseases or medical threats the people of the US have put legal guidelines on. If I, or the schools, cannot verify these laws have been upheld, is the ‘common good’ being enforced?? If you refuse to vaccinate your children, are you supporting the ‘common good’ or your suspicions that vaccines are bad? If it is just your suspicions, you are NOT being consistent with your statement above. When and what laws are enforceable? If it is arbitrary, the laws and legal system breaks down.

      The quarantine declarations, whether for the common good or not, have been arbitrary and inconsistent. Ergo your feelings of how a quarantine should be applied is intellectually dishonest and inconsistent with respect to the rights of others.


      1. “By this logic, anyone who is overweight, drinks alcohol, smokes, contracts the flu and still goes to work, drives while using a cellphone, uses hallucinatory drugs (like marijuana), should sign away their rights to sue or receive care for whatever happens to them. ”

        For many of the items you list, don’t put anyone else at risk. What these protests do is exactly the opposite as anyone could be a carrier. If I choose to drink, smoke, eat excessively, those are all my choices. You going out in public being an unknowing carrier that passes it on to others is NOT anyone else’s choice.


        1. If your behavior causes you to require healthcare, you are affecting the insurance rates of everyone. Smoking, overeating, drinking.

          So YES, you are affecting others. For the common good should that be allowed or should you have to sign away healthcare?

          If you imbibe, smoke marijuana, take illicit drugs, use a cell phone before or while driving, you ARE putting others at risk. Injury or death. For the ‘common good’, should you have to sign away healthcare?

          For the “common good’ is an EXTREMELY SLIPPERY SLOPE that given individuals’ and politicians’ fickle / arbitrary declarations. It is not a good justification for behavior modifications unless you are willing to be fully consistent.

          For the benefit of the majority, ‘Stay home and safe’ or sign away your right to healthcare?
          For the benefit of our country, certain individuals should be isolated. Maybe be forced onto a train to an undisclosed location?
          For the benefit of our country, certain individuals should not be free.?
          For the ‘common good’, schools should not group by ability, it hurts the low achieving? Hurt the high achieving?
          Far fetched? Certain Governors deemed buying seeds unacceptable but buying pot and getting abortions is ok. Still think politicians or other individuals are consistent and won’t take advantage of dire circumstances??
          Getting the picture of how slippery ‘for the common good’ slope is?


          1. The items you mentioned do not put anyone else’s HEALTH at risk, minus someone who may be stupid and use machinery under the influence, so I’ll concede that. Yet again, the protests, opening up too early, will impact the HEALTH of others. Not really a slippery slope.


          2. You are now adding ‘qualifiers’ and ‘conditions’ of what should be considered HEALTH endangering? My disagreement began with the inconsistency of the original comment- “sign your healthcare rights away if you protest”.

            If you drink ( or smoke hallucinatory drugs that are legal in some places) and drive, you ARE potentially risking the HEALTH or Life of other drivers. Stupidity or not. Stupidity of machinery operation or protesting during a virus outbreak, there is going to be stupidity. Depends on viewpoint does it not? If you use a cell phone while driving, you are risking other people’s lives and HEALTH. It is NO different than ‘potentially’ risking infecting others with a virus / disease. This is where the question and slipperiness comes from. How far should laws/ government be empowered to curtail behavior that does not support the ‘common good’? Are cell phone laws going to be enforced the same way as some want ‘stay at home’ declarations to be? Cell phone use causes millions of accidents, injuries and deaths EVERY YEAR.

            If you want to stay home and safe- no one is preventing you from staying home. If you want to protest, then protest. Both are choices.

            Opening too soon?… Is the real concern that by opening ‘too soon’ it will force individuals into a health risk? Life has inherent risks that we all encounter and deal with every day. Every time you get in the car and drive, you, your family, or your health is at risk. That is not the same concern or irritation as whether someone chooses to protest vs. those who want to shelter until h&ll freezes over and there are no jobs/ economy available anymore. Gov’t declarations (ESPECIALLY when based on ‘the common good’) get very murky.


          1. JK, sticks and stones love. You have proven WITHOUT DOUBT your feckless and undeniable inability to effectively manage, be intellectually honest or communicate concrete information.

            Hack? Maybe you lack the ability to cognitively collect the information to understand the topic.

            Just because you don’t like facts and the logic of it, does not make it any less inaccurate. I suspect reading comprehension is the real problem.

            Have a nice day.


  5. For someone who is willing to accuse school officials and board members of malfeasance at the drop of a hat, I can’t believe you are giving protesters even an ounce of legitimacy. This is just alt-right nonsense, and it doesn’t deserve a voice on this site.

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  6. Those who want to reopen and run rampant should have to sign a waiver saying if they get sick they waive their right to medical attention so those who are abiding by scientific requests can access the medicine they require.


  7. There is nothing arbitrary about the state of emergency or subsequent amendments. Yes, sheltering in place sucks. Yes, countless businesses both small and moderate are suffering. But, we must concede what we believed to be tried and true bigger business was already failing before the SofE. Catherine’s, Dress Barn, Bed bath and beyond, Sears, Kmart. We were victims of retail failure before the virus ever came along. The state of emergency protects the rights of all they placing restrictions that are designed to keep the healthy In good health. As a pandemic hundreds of thousands have died. More than $7000 Delawareans won’t be going back to work or school or living out their final days in a healthcare facility or retirement complex. No, they are in the ground. People will follow their own prerogative. And Darwinism will prevail. If you put yourself out there to catch this virus, then the consequences are yours. I sincerely hope you don’t spread it to those you love. Even as we shelter in place, we are now acutely aware of how this virus shifts and mutates and now comes for children too. No one knows nearly enough about the science of the virus to protect anyone who isn’t sheltering at home. This is hard. Sometimes we are called upon to do hard things. Should our legislators be meeting? Absolutely. Should we be gathering in masses? Probably not the best idea. And it is on that statistical Reference that state of emergencies have been declared across our nation. Leaders are leading based on the limited knowledge science Has derived From these still early weeks into a deadly pandemic. My rights have not been usurped by my government. They are being preserved for that which time it is safe to return to life as we knew it Or at least what we will learn from the science. I urge people to follow the state of emergency guidelines because our healthcare providers are exhausted from fighting the first violent round. Give them time to recover and cope. Don’t say, quit if you can’t take it. For if they all quit no one will be there to care for any of us, especially those who walked blindly into the crosshairs of COVID-19. Now is the time that requires subjugation of values. I value life above dining in a restaurant, swimming in a pool, playing at the beach. What Do you value most? If it is to exercise your rights for the the shear will of it, Then you have invited a killer into your home. It’s OK, as long as you don’t mind being counted among those who are dead by COVID-19.


  8. It is difficult for me to imagine that anyone thinks that Delaware has flattened the “curve” or that now is the moment to reopen Delaware for business. Recently we experienced another disturbing milestone event. 15 new Covid19 deaths were recorded setting a new single day record.
    Delaware has staked out a position that the number of victims requiring hospitalization will be the key factor considered in analyzing a “flattening” of the curve. Unfortunately the number of tests administered and the number of positives will not be the prime consideration in planning a gradual reopening. In addition the daily record death toll figure gets only a cursory glance and couched as the “elderly, the “vulnerable with a preexisting condition” or the “nursing home residents” This acceptance of “collateral” damage appears to be an acquiescence to the business interests and Chamber of Commerce influencers who weigh their own economic interests above the health, welfare and lives of all Delawareans.
    As an elected public servant I will not succumb to intimidating and coercive actions that are based in illogical rhetoric. Scientists and experts are working feverishly to plot a responsible and safer course moving forward and I and many of my colleagues will support those legitimate efforts. Every life matters, whether it be young or old, black, brown or white, rich or poor.
    Even more disconcerting is the callous disregard for the health of others expressed by some individuals clamoring to “reopen Delaware” and “storm the beaches”. Their angry rhetoric consisting of unsubstantiated and inaccurate facts displays a rejection of logic that they would like us to believe is a defense of their constitutional rights.


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