Tammy Smith From Auditor’s Office Uses Social Media To Smear Davies While McGuiness Family Spreads The Hate

Tammy Smith

With two days until the Delaware Primary, things are heating up.  For the State Auditor race, some people are getting scared of a Kathleen Davies victory.  So much so they are willing to torpedo their professional life so folks don’t vote for Davies.  When it comes from the Auditor of Accounts office with someone who reported directly to Davies, that is very bad for that employee.  The Merit Employee Review Board has not even finished their hearing but Tammy Smith feels she can say whatever she wants.  I think what may shape Smith’s career is her Facebook post, not the outcome of the Primary.

At this point, it is obvious the leaks to the News Journal and other media came from the Auditor of Accounts office.  In my opinion, the unholy trinity of John Fluharty, Andrena Burd, and Tammy Smith have been conspiring for over two years to keep Davies out.  But they didn’t stop there.  They have done everything possible to smear her reputation.  They recorded her without her knowledge.  But the recordings were not even allowed into evidence at Davies unemployment insurance hearing because they proved nothing.  Smith didn’t like Davies telling her she had to do her job.  Plain and simple.

Smith’s Facebook post is no exception.  Her public rant against Davies is very troubling.  The post has been shared 34 times at this count.  But the sharing has been done by only six people.  One of them, Mary Beth Thomas, has shared it 12 times.  Thomas is Kathy McGuiness’ sister.  Another, Stephanie Kramedas David, is also McGuiness’ sister and shared the post four times.  I know Delaware is a small state, but this really makes me wonder how much the McGuiness campaign knew about the Davies smear campaign before it was made public.  I received an email from Kathy McGuiness not long after the 2016 election asking about the Auditor of Accounts office.  This wasn’t something McGuiness came up with in the past year.  At this point it wouldn’t shock me if McGuiness or folks in her campaign HELPED the trinity and Wagner to crush Davies.

Aside from the Davies rant, Smith urged her friends to vote for McGuiness in the Primary on Thursday.  Believing McGuiness “has the momentum to win”, she wants all Democrats to vote for her.  The fact Smith would use her Facebook account to further smear her former boss in an attempt to influence a state election for a state office that she just so happens to work at is not lost on me.  It isn’t a state secret that the trinity are the ones who engineered the termination of Kathleen Davies.  But like any true narcissist, Smith portrays herself as some victim in this continual charade.

Who needs trolls on social media when real folks like Smith can do it for you?  Smith has no one to blame for the fallout from this since she made the post public.  Tie in the help from the McGuiness sisters and this is just ugly and hateful.  With all the leaks springing out of Tom Wagner’s office it is obvious the man has absolutely no muzzle control over his own people.  But just in case he is clueless about this, I did email Wagner, Attorney General Matt Denn, and Mike Jackson with the Office of Management and Budget shortly before hitting publish on this.


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