Delaware Senate Bill 165 Would Make Referendums Once A Year & Change School Board Elections To US Mail Only

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Apparently there was a Delaware Senate Bill submitted on July 15th that I didn’t know about.  I found out because the House has a pre-filing day today so I thought I would check the Senate Side.  House Bill 165 would drastically change things with school district referendums.  Instead of a district having more than one referendum in a year, all school districts would have their referendum on the 2nd Tuesday of May.  This is also the same day when school board elections take place.  As for those school board elections, instead of having them at schools, they would take place through the US Mail system.  This bill is sponsored by Senator Karen Peterson and State Reps Michael Ramone and Deborah Hudson.  Co-sponsors are Senators Brian Bushweller and Margaret Rose-Henry and State Rep. Stephanie Bolden.  I assume a lot of this is in reaction to the Red Clay referendum last winter which is also part of a lawsuit.  To read the legislation, please see below:

3 thoughts on “Delaware Senate Bill 165 Would Make Referendums Once A Year & Change School Board Elections To US Mail Only

  1. US Mail? Tighten your belts, school districts. This would just make it even easier for seniors to cast their NO votes.
    It would also do a huge favor for corporatists’ candidates who can flood citizen mailboxes with flashy promos.


  2. But super smart to have referendum elections and school board elections the same day. We need to entice more people to participate in Board elections.


  3. How would these elected officials feel about being elected by mail only? When the rules apply to them also I’ll rethink the issue.


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