Wilmington Police Department List Of Delaware Met Calls And Arrests

Delaware MET


When things went south at Delaware Met, it kept going and going and going.  Like the Energizer Bunny, the Wilmington Police Department kept going and going and going, right to the Delaware Met.  To make arrests, stop fights, collect loaded BB guns, and so forth.  Here is a list of all the times the police came to the school, the nature of the complaint, and the result:




Wow.  That is all I can really say about this.  Wow.  And yet all these parents are begging to keep the school open…

Tomorrow is the last day to give public comment which you can do here: https://form.jotform.com/52888685884178?

3 thoughts on “Wilmington Police Department List Of Delaware Met Calls And Arrests

  1. Obviously educating our inner city youth is too big of a problem for charter schools.. Compare this to Christiana’s police report; or Newarks, or even Glasgow’s… Charters are a luxury none of us can afford… It is time we get legislation that pulls the plug on them, even if it sits in a drawer, it is time we get it on the docket…


    1. Even Glasgow’s???? Wow. What a shame that people still have such a negative view of Glasgow. There have been many fewer events that have required police intervention over the past few years than “even” Newark or Christiana. Glasgow is a great school! It is a school that I am proud to call home. Please don’t perpetuate negative views. Glasgow is working very hard to improve its reputation. And we’re doing it, little by little, despite of ignorant comments.

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  2. 11/30 a call for a student believed to be intoxicated……Well at least the cops were called. My granddaughter said that a boy at FFA came to school drunk carrying a coffee cup with alcohol and he was back at school the next day! WTF is that all about? The last time I checked, possession of alcohol by a minor was still a crime. I guess this is FFA’s way of manipulating the data and by not reporting a crime. True story. Call the school, Kiana Simmons will answer the phone. Oh yeah, she’s the one who put over $750 on a school credit card for hair braids/extensions.

    It doesn’t matter who is in charge or how many credentials you put behind their name, not reporting a drunk student is just wrong.


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