6 thoughts on “Principal EL Is Back At Thomas Edison But Parents Want Board To Resign, Especially Pinkett

  1. Their CBOC needs a community member totally unaffiliated with the school and it’s very bad optics to have the board president on the CBOC. The rest of the board needs to take this very seriously and muster up the 2/3 vote needed to boot him – do not underestimate the damage it will do on a charter renewal to not take that action, folks.

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  2. It’s sure to come up, but do you think there’s any chance the charter renewal wouldn’t go through after the community rallied like this to support the school and the principal?


    1. It would after be something very serious for any charter school to shut down. The Delaware MET closed after a few months after they opened because they were not prepared to educate children after years of preparation. That is the extreme. Thomas Edison is one of Delaware’s oldest charters. The DOE may want some organizational changes but I don’t believe they would shut them down. It always has to be about the kids and shutting down any school has to be with kids first.


      1. I agree that this in itself would not shut the school down but if the committee thinks this is representative of deeper organizational issues that the board is not capable of resolving quickly, they’ll put them through the ringer and there will be conditions.


  3. Extremely happy school is open and the teachers received SOMETHING for all of their hard work. I have 2 children who attend TECS and they love and respect their teachers and Principal El. This was an unacceptable move by the board to put the school and community in this predicament. Shame on them and Pinkett or Prichett whatever his name is needs to be the first to go. I vote them off the island!!


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