Common Core Winterfest Forum

Common Core.  Many either love it or hate it.  It is here.  Should we get rid of it?  Keep it?  Change it?  As well, I welcome any talk about the implementation of Common Core, what went wrong, what went right, and any other issues with it.  Discuss!

One thought on “Common Core Winterfest Forum”

  1. While many typically developing students are struggling with these standards, it is important to remember that ALL students are expected to master these goals annually, whether they have autism, Down Syndrome, language processing or physical impairments or are just learning English. The Common Core is a recipe for failure for large numbers of students, and these failures will then be blamed upon their teachers. The standards and the tests are unproven, designed with no input from experts in child development or special education, and have no provision for reflection, revision or independent validation. This hugely expensive “reform” driven by corporate interests who are profiting off public education dollars must be stopped now before it can inflict any more harm upon our students, our teachers and our public schools.”


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