Delaware Academy Of Public Safety & Security has been a hot story in 2018.  After going through a formal review for low student enrollment, they were put on probation by the State Board of Education.  Add in Margie Lopez-Waite & Colonial School District to the cauldron, and you have some craziness going on!  Here is the timeline:

11/30/17 Herb Sheldon Will Have A Big Year In 2018.  Why?

1/13/18 DAPSS Gets Official Formal Review Recommendation

1/19/18 State Board Of Education Puts DAPSS On Formal Review

1/28/18 ASPIRA’s Head Of School Margie Lopez-Waite Becomes Board President At DAPSS

2/2/18 Former DAPSS Board President Tears Into School

2/6/18 Margie Neglects ASPIRA For DAPSS & Super Bowl Parade

2/9/18 Behind The Scenes Plans For DAPSS

2/13/18 DAPSS Teacher Mark Giansanti Passes Away

2/14/18 Colonial Wants To Become Charter Authorizer For DAPSS

2/16/18 DAPSS Curriculum Director Rips School In Public Hearing

2/20/18 DAPSS Faces CSAC In Final Formal Review Meeting

2/20/18 CSAC Recommends DAPSS Survive But With Huge Conditions

3/15/18 State Board Lifts DAPSS From Formal Review But Puts Them On Probation

3/16/18 DAPSS Salaries Over $100,000

4/20/18 DAPSS Cutting It Close With Student Count

4/30/18 DAPSS Survival Chances Increase As Student Enrollment Hits Target

5/14/18 Massive Layoffs Planned At DAPSS

5/15/18 Margie’s Plan To Become Head Of School At DAPSS

5/15/18 Nepotism Coming To DAPSS & ASPIRA

5/16/18 Parents Go Off On DAPSS Board At Meeting Part 1

5/17/18 Parents Go Off On DAPSS Board At Meeting Part 2

5/20/18 Delaware DOE Hosts Q&A At DAPSS

6/9/18 Is Margie Building A Mini-Charter Empire?

6/16/18 DAPSS Still Abusing Petty Cash Laws

6/19/18 How Will DAPSS Petty Cash Abuses Affect Their Probation?

7/11/18 DAPSS Isn’t Updating Their Website With Board Audio Recordings

7/15/18 Margie Becomes Head Of School At DAPSS

7/19/18 Christina Administrator Becomes President Of DAPSS Board

7/31/18 Margie’s Plan To Raid Wait Lists From Other Charters To Increase Student Count At DAPSS

8/22/18 The Ghost Students of DAPSS