Who Reads Exceptional Delaware? Not Mongolia!

Exceptional Delaware, The World

I like doing this every once in a while.  Internationally, Exceptional Delaware has been read by most of the world.  The biggest continents I need to fill are Africa and Asia.  The United States is obviously my most-read country, but what other countries are my biggest readers?


If a section is white, that means I have not obtained any viewers from that country.  I’ve been aggressive with certain countries like Greenland.  I actively found a blog in Greenland and reblogged it earlier this year!  My goal is to fill in this map, but does every country in the world have internet access?  I would assume they do, but in a case like North Korea would they even allow any data out of the country?  The biggest country in terms of size that hasn’t viewed Exceptional Delaware is Mongolia.  C’mon Mongolia! Get with the program!  As well, a lot of the Stan countries haven’t yet.  Our last two wars haven’t either, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The English speaking countries are my largest “non-American viewership” followed by India, Germany, Russia and Mexico.

Top 25 Countries Reading Exceptional Delaware:
1. United States of America
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. India
5. Australia
6. Germany
7. Russia
8. Mexico
9. France
10. Kuwait
11. Netherlands
12. Italy
13. Puerto Rico
14. Philippines
15. Spain
16. South Africa
17. Norway
18. Ireland
19. Japan
20. Singapore
21. South Korea
22. Jamaica
23. Romania
24. New Zealand
25. Austria

I Need Readers From China, The Stans, Greenland and Africa




WordPress, in your blog statistics, gives you a nice colored map of the world showing different colors for the amount of readers from each country.  Some of them aren’t colored in yet!  The biggest ones are China, all the Stan countries except for Pakistan, and Greenland.  Please help me to fill the gaps.   I also only have about 1/3rd of Africa colored in as well.  And then there is that pesky country in the middle of South America that needs to start reading special education blogs in Delaware!

Exceptional Delaware cannot conquer the world without readers from every country!  So let’s get on it world!