We Are The World January 2016: Closing The Gaps

The World


This is the world.  If you see a country in white, that means they haven’t visited Exceptional Delaware.  I’ve conquered North America, Europe, and most of South America.  Asia has some holes in it still, along with Africa.  This is one of my goals for 2016.  To close the gaps.  I will not rest or sleep until I have completely taken over the world.  This is not a game of Risk, otherwise Africa would have been mine already.  Every country must have a color!  I am opting out of countries that are blank until they come and visit me.  I tried with Mongolia, even going to a few Mongolian WordPress blogs and making comments.  It’s how I got Greenland, but I also found a really awesome Greenland blog with amazing photos on it, so it all worked out.  What’s up with the Stans in Asia?  I’m sure they have that thing called the internet over there.  Exceptional Delaware wasn’t built in a day, but with the last country colored in I will completely take over the world in a day!  I will accept no substitutes!

Why It Is Necessary To Reveal A High-Profile Source….

Delaware State Board of Education, Donna Johnson

I sent the below email earlier today to an employee of the State of Delaware.  They are a source, and I am outing them as that source, as well as multiple pseudonyms used on my blog, and possibly others.  Sometimes there is a higher call of duty than blogger honor, and this gross negligence of right and wrong called for this.  This is an extreme situation, affecting multiple people, but most of all, the students of Delaware.  Especially in the Christina School District.  Below is the full email I sent to Donna Johnson, Executive Director of the Delaware State Board of Education.  As well, I blind cc:ed several persons on this email, so no one will be able to say “I didn’t know about this.”

Re: State Board Meeting The Other Day  

  • Donna Johnson
  • John Young
  • Kevin Ohlandt
  • Mike Matthews
  • Jackie H. Kook
  • Eve Buckley
  • Nancy Willing
  • Kowalko John (LegHall)
  • Kavips World Press Blog
  • Williams Kimberly (LegHall)
  • Pandora DeLib
  • Matthews Sean (LegHall)
  • Kilroy’s Delaware
  • Baumbach Paul (LegHall)
  • Terri Hodges
  • Lawson Dave (LegHall)
  • Paige Elizabeth (K12)
  • John Young
  • Minnehan Harrie E (K12)
  • shirley.saffer@christina.k12.de.us
  • montagnebeau@aol.com
  • Natalie Ganc
  • Yvonne Johnson
  • Markell Jack
  • Murphy Mark
  • Denn Matthew (DOJ)
  • Townsend Bryan (LegHall)
  • Blowman David (K12)
  • acherry@wdel.com
  • Avi Wolfman-Arent
  • Matthew Albright
  • rick@wdel.com
  • Lindell Matt (K12)
  • Gray Teri

Updated Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Lists

I did this a few weeks ago, and a lot has happened since.

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