Which Delaware State Representative Is Resigning In August?


I received a few notifications of this today.  Apparently one of the Delaware House of Representatives is getting another job with another state agency and will be resigning their elected position in August.  Who do you think it is?  You can ask me until the cows come home, but I’m not leaking this one at all.  No hints, no snippets, no Easter eggs and no spoilers.  Or did I leave a hint in this already?  I know, I’m evil.

When it comes out, everyone will hear about it.  Will the readers of Exceptional Delaware care?  Some will.  But caring can go either way…

Updated with hints….

*They aren’t a drummer (that I’m aware of)

*Kilroy won’t be doing cartwheels

*They have more hair than Governor Markell

*They serve on a committee

*I have written about this person on here

*They voted yes for Senate Bill 151 in June, 2015