Delaware State Rep. John Kowalko Bravely Introduces House Bills 181 & 182 To Raise Taxes For The Wealthy

House Bill 182

Delaware State Rep. John Kowalko introduced House Bills 181 & 182 which would raise the amount of personal income tax to be collected in Delaware based on a tier level.  For many years, the top tier was set at $60,000 as an income level, but with this legislation, new levels would increase taxes after $125,000 and then $250,000.  This legislation, in my opinion, is long overdue and I salute Kowalko for introducing this.  I normally don’t get into this sort of stuff, but this would increase revenue for the state which could result in more money going to our schools.

Interestingly enough, Kowalko has introduced two bills to look at this issue with different numbers for each.  Take a look at both of them: