The Opposition of Parent Opt Out & Their Warped Realities & Ties To Rodel, Markell & Pearson

Everyone is entitled to speak their mind.  But it is usually more effective if it is your own mind.

On Wednesday, April 22nd, public comment from parents and teachers either in support or against House Bill 50 was given to the Delaware House Education Committee.  One commenter, a special education teacher in the Milford School District named Jesse Parsley was in opposition to the bill.  I was very curious why Mr. Parsley was  speaking against the bill when the vast majority of teachers in traditional school districts support it.  Jesse Parsley is part of the Rodel Dream Team of teachers in Delaware.  So I decided to check out his Twitter account, and this happened:

I did some more research on Parsley, and found this on a blog of one of the contractors with the Delaware DOE:

In fact, many of the folks that spoke against House Bill 50 can be found here:

But what about Courtney Fox, not the famous actress, but the Head of School at First State Montessori Charter?  She seemed like she didn’t have any vested interest in state assessments.  Just a charter leader concerned about how parents opting out would impact the school’s test scores.  No ties to Governor Markell, right?  WRONG!

The Council of Chief State School Officers is proud to announce Courtney Fox as the 2008 winner of the State Teacher of the Year for Delaware.

Yeah, you can read and watch this here:

I was wondering why the Rodel cabal leader didn’t show up at the House Education Committee.  But he did send some of his minions…