Why Does The DOE Pay Vendors To Do Teacher Surveys & Reports?

Delaware DOE, Teacher Recruitment

I’ve always wondered why the Delaware Department of Education has outside vendors do surveys and reports on teachers.  It’s not like 95% of these companies aren’t already biased towards the DOE’s way of thinking anyways.  The DOE will say it is so they don’t have a conflict of interest.  What do those employees due at the DOE all day if outside vendors do everything?  Here is the latest report from the University of Pennsylvania’s Operation Public Education based on a survey they did about teacher recruitment.  Of course there are a gazillion recommendations coming out of this.  Maybe they are good, maybe they are bad.  I don’t know.  I don’t work for a school district.  I do know the DOE paid this consultant over $44,000 for the last report they did.  How much coin will they get for this one?

Report On Delaware Talent Cooperative By University Of Pennsylvania Shows Many Flaws With The Program

Delaware Talent Cooperative

The Delaware Department of Education contracted with a University of Pennsylvania program called Operation Public Education to do an evaluation report on the Delaware Talent Cooperative.  I’m not too familiar with this offshoot of Univ. Of Pa., but their final report shows many inherent weaknesses with the program, and of course pumps it up at the same time.  Read for yourself!