Uncommon School Video Really Makes Me Think Of The Third Reich

Uncommon Schools

I hate to go there, but if you watch the videos from Nazi Germany with kids being taught how to behave and what to do and say and then watch this video, some of the parallels are uncanny.  I’ve never been a big fan of treating kids like they are in some behavior school or a Miss Manners type of situation.  The kids in this video are in Kindergarten.  They are 5 years old.  What is frightening is this video doesn’t show what happens if they are not in compliance.  I’m sure it happens, and I hate to see that video.  My apologies for the very dark comparison, but it truly was the first thing I thought of upon watching this.

This video went up in May, and I’m sure it has been replayed quite a bit, but for those just seeing this the first time, is this truly what you want for our children?  There is choice, and then there is this: