Delaware DOE Cleared Of Audit Investigation I Had No Clue About!!!!

Delaware DOE, Delaware State Auditor

How about them apples?  The Delaware Department of Education was cleared in an investigation surrounding their travel expenses.  Delaware has very specific rules about spending state funds for travel, and the Delaware Auditor of Accounts investigated the DOE.  It turns out, someone gave the State Auditor a tip that the DOE worked cushy travel plans into their contracts with American Institutes for Research and Great Schools.  Which would cause the contract to go up, and more money coming out of taxpayer pockets.  How does this even happen and I have no idea it is going on?  I wonder who tipped them off and what they based the complaint on.  Maybe an ex-employee?  Nah, Murphy’s law says it wouldn’t be that guy…

My favorite part about the below audit report: they reviewed the contracts with these companies.  Now I should see if I can FOIA a contract that is part of a state audit investigation from the State Auditor’s office.  The report did find about $42.00 in expenses without receipts.  Shut them down!!!!  The abuse must stop!!!!  I am wondering if the State Auditor goes in order of complaints received.  Cause we still haven’t seen that Family Foundations Academy audit from a year ago.  What’s up with that?

There will be more about American Institutes for Research later on tonight in another article.  Stay tuned!

Colonial School District & Their Massive Expense Account For Travel

Colonial School District

Just look at this spreadsheet! Holy cow is that a lot of travelling for one district.  From one conference to the next, with tons of people going.  How does anyone have time to teach?  Is this too much travel?  Just think, if there were no Common Core or Smarter Balanced, most of this would be cut in  half!

It makes me think of this: